Stepmom seduces her hot new stepson

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Stepmom seduces her hot new stepson.. It had been three long, wonderful months since Carla and Jeff left on their honeymoon and she simply didn’t want it to end. Their courtship was fast and exciting. From meeting for the first time to the bedroom was less than a day, and the romance went equally as fast. A mere month’s time passed before she had him heading down the aisle.

His money didn’t hurt, of course. Becoming Mrs. Jeffrey Cunningham was a title any smart woman would want to possess, being one of the richest men in Texas. But Carla legitimately liked him too. He was clever and funny and engaging. He listened to her and didn’t just focus on her looks, like so many other men did with beautiful women.

Her only complaint was one that nearly all younger women married to older men faced — the bedroom was a snooze fest. Of course, he tried to please her. But she was in her sexual prime at 35 years old and he was nearly twice her age, so there was only so much he could do. So be it, she thought. It was worth the loss of a booming sex life to be that wealthy and have a husband she liked on her arm. Still, she sure missed some things…

As the honeymoon ended, it was time for them to return to his sprawling home in South Texas. He had the family business to run and millions of dollars to keep his thumb on. Carla was ready for some relaxing and serious shopping time. Three months in the Bahamas had done amazing things for her tan and she needed a whole new wardrobe to show it off.

The only part she wasn’t especially looking forward to was meeting the staff, who she knew would not approve of her, and Jeffrey’s son. The only child of Jeffrey and his deceased first wife was a 20-something college student, currently tucked away somewhere up north. But, he was planning a long weekend trip to meet his new stepmother, and Carla didn’t want to be bothered.

The brat was due to arrive anytime, but she figured the housekeeper, a short, fat, scowling Latina lady, could tend to him. After all, she apparently helped raise him after his mother’s death when he was a young boy. They probably would like to catch up, so Carla was off the hook.

Clad in a little red bikini, Carla grabbed a bottle of wine, a glass, a stack of magazines and her sunglasses and headed for the pool. Her body was a work of art, and she worked very hard to keep it that way. A tiny waist and plenty of curves rounded out her breasts and butt, giving her a pleasing hourglass shape. Long bottle-blonde hair fell nearly to her waist. Preferring minimal makeup with dark artificially pouty red lips for impact, she was quite a sight, laying out by the pool.

Our front, he had arrived. Zack Cunningham. He was attractive, slim but well-toned and rather heavily tattooed, for a rich kid, at least. He liked his ink. Lots of dragons and fantasy images decorated his skin. He had led a charmed life, basically getting everything he wanted and more. Zack pulled up to their million-dollar mansion, revving his car like he always did, so everyone could hear him arrive. And who was first to welcome him? His amazing, second mother. The young man got out and quickly hugged the housekeeper, then immediately started sharing all the details about his new college life, his dorm, the sports, parties, girls. He laughed and blushed good-naturedly when she pretended to scold him for worrying about the ladies too much and his GPA too little. “A 3.15, mijo? Tsk! You are smarter than that. Chico perezoso!” He laughed loudly and slung an arm around her much-shorter frame and led her inside, begging for some of her home cooking. She agreed and planted one more kiss on his cheek, then hurried in to begin preparations for a feast, worthy of “her” boy’s return from another year of college.

He made his way inside, only bringing in his backpack for now, and went upstairs to his room. He took a few leisurely moments to unpack and look at all of his memories, scattered around the room. In additional to his normal college classes, Zack continued his high school sport: competitive swimming. With a grin, he quickly changed into some trunks and looked forward to diving into his father’s huge pool and just float and relax. He didn’t have to practice, for once. He could just chill. Once dressed, he flicked his eyes out to the window overlooking the pool and stopped dead in his tracks. Stunned by the sight, he looked down at his gorgeous stepmother, laying out in a deck chair. “No fuckin’ way,” he murmured.

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