Stepmom seduces her hot new stepson

Stepmom seduces her hot new stepson.. It had been three long, wonderful months since Carla and Jeff left on their honeymoon and she simply didn’t want it to end. Their courtship was fast and exciting. From meeting for the first time to the bedroom was less than a day, and the romance went equally as fast. A mere month’s time passed before she had him heading down the aisle.

His money didn’t hurt, of course. Becoming Mrs. Jeffrey Cunningham was a title any smart woman would want to possess, being one of the richest men in Texas. But Carla legitimately liked him too. He was clever and funny and engaging. He listened to her and didn’t just focus on her looks, like so many other men did with beautiful women.

Her only complaint was one that nearly all younger women married to older men faced — the bedroom was a snooze fest. Of course, he tried to please her. But she was in her sexual prime at 35 years old and he was nearly twice her age, so there was only so much he could do. So be it, she thought. It was worth the loss of a booming sex life to be that wealthy and have a husband she liked on her arm. Still, she sure missed some things…

As the honeymoon ended, it was time for them to return to his sprawling home in South Texas. He had the family business to run and millions of dollars to keep his thumb on. Carla was ready for some relaxing and serious shopping time. Three months in the Bahamas had done amazing things for her tan and she needed a whole new wardrobe to show it off.

The only part she wasn’t especially looking forward to was meeting the staff, who she knew would not approve of her, and Jeffrey’s son. The only child of Jeffrey and his deceased first wife was a 20-something college student, currently tucked away somewhere up north. But, he was planning a long weekend trip to meet his new stepmother, and Carla didn’t want to be bothered.

The brat was due to arrive anytime, but she figured the housekeeper, a short, fat, scowling Latina lady, could tend to him. After all, she apparently helped raise him after his mother’s death when he was a young boy. They probably would like to catch up, so Carla was off the hook.

Clad in a little red bikini, Carla grabbed a bottle of wine, a glass, a stack of magazines and her sunglasses and headed for the pool. Her body was a work of art, and she worked very hard to keep it that way. A tiny waist and plenty of curves rounded out her breasts and butt, giving her a pleasing hourglass shape. Long bottle-blonde hair fell nearly to her waist. Preferring minimal makeup with dark artificially pouty red lips for impact, she was quite a sight, laying out by the pool.

Our front, he had arrived. Zack Cunningham. He was attractive, slim but well-toned and rather heavily tattooed, for a rich kid, at least. He liked his ink. Lots of dragons and fantasy images decorated his skin. He had led a charmed life, basically getting everything he wanted and more. Zack pulled up to their million-dollar mansion, revving his car like he always did, so everyone could hear him arrive. And who was first to welcome him? His amazing, second mother. The young man got out and quickly hugged the housekeeper, then immediately started sharing all the details about his new college life, his dorm, the sports, parties, girls. He laughed and blushed good-naturedly when she pretended to scold him for worrying about the ladies too much and his GPA too little. “A 3.15, mijo? Tsk! You are smarter than that. Chico perezoso!” He laughed loudly and slung an arm around her much-shorter frame and led her inside, begging for some of her home cooking. She agreed and planted one more kiss on his cheek, then hurried in to begin preparations for a feast, worthy of “her” boy’s return from another year of college.

He made his way inside, only bringing in his backpack for now, and went upstairs to his room. He took a few leisurely moments to unpack and look at all of his memories, scattered around the room. In additional to his normal college classes, Zack continued his high school sport: competitive swimming. With a grin, he quickly changed into some trunks and looked forward to diving into his father’s huge pool and just float and relax. He didn’t have to practice, for once. He could just chill. Once dressed, he flicked his eyes out to the window overlooking the pool and stopped dead in his tracks. Stunned by the sight, he looked down at his gorgeous stepmother, laying out in a deck chair. “No fuckin’ way,” he murmured.

Quickly making his way downstairs, and to the back of the house, he exited the back door to the pool area. A pair of sunglasses, grabbed off the shelf right inside the door, hid his prying green eyes from sight. Playing it cool, he made his way over to the second chair by his new stepmother and pointed to it. “Is this seat taken?”

Carla was engrossed in her magazine and barely paid him any mind. Surely Kanye wasn’t really cheating on Kim! How could he?! Such a slime-ball, she thought, enjoying her gossipy magazine. With a sigh, she set her magazine down and turned slightly to look up at the owner of the male voice speaking to her. She expected to see a Junior version of her husband: a tall, lanky, slightly goofy looking man. He was wonderful mentally, but certainly not the most attractive of specimens.

But holy shit, this kid must have gotten his looks from his dead mama! The boy was tall and well built, covered with tattoos, which was one of Carla’s weaknesses. Enough hair scattered here and there to make her wonder and a body that begged to be touched. Damn her luck that the kid was now related to her!

Clearing her throat, Carla smiled and turned on the charm. “Of course, darlin,” she cooed, tilting her pretty face up to look at him standing next to her. “You must be Zack. I’ve been so excited to meet you.” She was lying through her teeth.

Zack smiled down at the woman, eyeing over that magazine with a shake of his head. He didn’t really keep up with that stuff, but to each their own. He nodded in acknowledgment of her reply, then plopped himself down on the opposite chair, stretching his legs out with a sigh.

His head tilted over to her, a hand going to ruffle through his hair as he nodded once, giving her a cheeky little smile to show off his dimples. “That I am! I’ve been excited to meet you, as well. Dad’s told me a lot, and he’s pretty damn happy you’re part of the family, finally.”

He waved a hand, pursing his lips. “But we don’t have to be so formal! You already know me, I’m Zack. I chose to do things that my father didn’t, and he doesn’t really approve, but what can ya do, y’know? The family business doesn’t interest me much. I prefer to swim and play and have a bit of fun.” His tanned shoulders shrugged as he looked over the large pool, watching the water glisten in the sun.

“Uh huh,” she said, barely listening. She frankly didn’t give a flying fuck what he did with his time. Her mind was far from caring, in the moment. Following his gaze to the pool, she smiled a little and said, “Yes, well, what can you do, right? Gotta be happy, I always say.”

With that, she stood up and said, “This water looks so nice, I think I will have myself a bit of a swim.” With the sun behind her, she stood in front of him, letting her tan skin and blonde hair be illuminated from behind. She knew very well how she looked in the position and lighting and couldn’t help but show off a bit.

She felt sure the dumb kid wouldn’t be interested, as she was old enough to be his mother… nearly. Maybe if she started young. But still, much older. Even so, it was always fun to see if she could garner a reaction from males, despite their age.

He gave her a nod, leaning back into the chair with a sigh. “Yeah. Gotta be happy.” His eyes crawled over her body as she stood up in front of him. Behind those sunglasses was a hungry look, scanning her every detail as he took it all in, wondering what might lie beneath the tiny scraps of red cloth.

Swinging around, he placed both feet on the concrete and moved to face her. “Might I join you? I may just lounge a bit in the water, if that’s all right with you.” He kept his eyes on her body, lowering his head to look at her over the rim of his sunglasses. He was admiring her hips, and her beautifully plump round ass.

Easy peasy, she thought, thoroughly amused. He was exactly like most men, leering at her within seconds of meeting her. She didn’t mind. Liked the attention, in fact. If nothing else, teasing the boy would be a fun distraction, even if nothing ever came of it.

“Of course, honey. Join your new Mommy in the water,” she cooed, barely suppressing a huge grin. The words were absurd, of course, but she couldn’t help but use the title. Would he be mad? Irritated? Less interested? Or maybe MORE interested…?

Stepping into the water slowly, she made a big show of bending at the waist to adjust her anklet for a moment, letting him get a good view of her round behind and wide hips. The little red bottom half of her bikini wedged up in her backside and she slid a finger along the edge of the material to move it back into place. Every movement was exaggerated, overly sexual, purely for the benefit of her audience.

He rolled his eyes at the title, but snickered a little, standing up. “Yes, Mommy,” he replied obediently, teasing right back at her, before walking up to the pool. Though he stopped, right as she bent at the waist to mess with her anklet, eyeing over that backside quickly. His eyes were absolutely glued to it, staring as she moved the fabric back into place.

Zack shook his head from side to side quickly, trying to clear the daydreams building in his mind, as he made his way over to the water. From the pool side, he snatched a long blue pool float, then stepped in and moved several feet forward, stopping when the water was about waist high. Popping up out of the water and on top of the float, he laid back and leaned up on one elbow, floating in the water serenely, eyes locked on his stepmother. “Water is nice, isn’t it, Mommy,” he asked, snickering softly.

Though she spoke the word first, hearing it come from his mouth sounded different. Even though he was teasing, she liked the way it sounded when he said it. Her smile widened as she slid into the water. Diving down into the coolness, she swam the length of the pool once, then kicked off to make a return trip.

When she dipped under the water, Zack turned on his float to better follow her. His upper half remained on the blue raft, but his bottom half floated below the surface, hanging off the edge. Swimming beneath him carefully, she rose up just past him, letting her long hair drag up against his legs under the water as she passed him by.

Surfacing, she stood in the lower end of the pool, about waist high in the water. Slicking her wet hair back off her face, she leaned back against the pool wall, elbows up on the edge, smiling over at him. “So, why don’t you come over here and tell me about college? Help Mommy learn about her boy, hm?” She grinned.

Zack watched as she dove right down into the water, scanning her form as she glided through it, and returned back. His legs stayed floating, only for her hair to drag over it, giving him a little tickle and making goosebumps come to his flesh. He grinned, before slipping off of his floaty and making his way over to the edge of the pool.

“Well, what would you like to know? College is boring, a lot of studying and what-not.” He moved over to lean into the wall, just like her. Though if she looked down, she could easily see the slight tent forming in his swim trunks.

Sliding over a bit closer to him, she turned a bit, moving one arm to the wall to prop up on, leaving her other hand free. She glanced carefully towards the sliding doors leading from the house out to the pool area to make sure there were no eyes on them. Seeing that they were still alone, Carla decided to take a bit of a chance and tease the boy a bit more.

“Hmm,” she replied, lifting a fingertip to press her red nail against the center of his chest. She drug it down slowly, moving a straight line down to the hair trail leading to his swim trunks. “You say that it’s boring, but unless you’ve got something besides studying on your mind, you don’t seem terribly bored right now, son.” She let her finger dip down and brush across the straining front of his trunks, before pulling back to await his reaction.

He raised an eyebrow as she moved over a bit closer to him, only to watch her press that nail to his chest. He flexed himself as best as he could, trying to show off to his new mother, as her finger went down to his swim trunks, over the growing bulge, and right back up.

Something came over him, and he boldly moved his hand down into the water, turning as it’d go to cup hard against her left ass cheek. He gave her a squeeze, grinning to her with a raised eyebrow. “Not too terribly bored right now, Mommy.”

“Apparently not,” she replied, laughing a little. “We’re all alone here, you know. Why don’t you show me what all those little college girls are getting at night? Let Mommy see what you’re working with.”

Before he could reply or react in any way, she slid a hand behind her body, covering his hand, and helping him squeeze her round ass cheek. “I know you don’t want me to have to tell your father that you were being naughty out here in the pool. He’s likely to send you to bed without dinner… or worse. So, be a good boy, hm?”

Carla could not help but enjoy the absurdity of the quickly moving afternoon, and truth be told, he was making her pretty hot, both from his responsiveness, as well as his sexy body.

He cracked a little grin as she returned the lewdness, eyebrow raising up. The hand helped him squeeze her cheek, and he made it putty in his hands, squeezing and massaging the flesh before slowly pulling it back to rest on her hip.

“Well, I should be a good boy for Mommy, shouldn’t I?” He replied teasingly, looking at the back door, praying that nobody was watching or headed out the door. “How about we go into the pool house and dry off a little bit? Get out of these awful wet clothes.”

“Sounds fine to me,” she agreed, hopping up out of the pool easily. Standing at the edge of the pool, looking down at him, her eyes glinted with mischievousness. Flipping her long hair over her shoulder, she wrung it out slowly, letting the drips fall down onto him.

“You should lose the shorts here, I think. Lay them out on the chair over there. I want to watch you walk across to the pool house, wearing nothing.” Her eyes were locked onto his, challenging him, waiting to see if he might falter, or show apprehension at being overseen from the house.

A flicker went to his stomach; that really was a daring move. Nervously, he looked to the house, then back at her and shrugged, pretending the thought didn’t terrify him. Zack quickly pulled his shorts down and hoisted himself up and out of the water. Standing there completely nude, right in front of his new mother. His half-hard cock was throbbing as it dripped from the pool water, matted down black pubes all around it.

He tossed the shorts to the chair, then slowly made his way to the pool house, walking behind her for a moment. As they got closer, he sped up to a bit of a jog, cringing at the ridiculous way his dick bobbed in the air, to open the door for her.

“What nice manners you have,” she said with a smile. Her blue eyes traveled down the length of his body, staring at his half-erect cock hungrily. He was already plenty big enough and she just knew he would be glorious at full strength. Oh, lord, this was gonna get her in trouble, she thought. But she had no intention of stopping.

Carla knew they were alone, aside from the staff in the main house, for at least the next few hours. Her husband was punctual and a bear about sticking to a schedule, so his workday would not end one minute earlier than he planned for. They were probably safe… but who knows what might happen?

Slipping into the dim pool house, Carla walked across the floor and selected a towel off the wall hook. Wrapping her lower half in the towel, she sunk down into a comfortable chair, leaning back to look at him silently for a few minutes.

Zack went to the towel rack and got his own towel, then made a bit of a show of drying himself off. He took his time, rubbing each long, tanned, inked limb. Bending over to reach his feet, he hoped that the dangling genitals she could spy between his thighs would be visually appealing, but secretly doubted it. Dicks were rather ugly, honestly.

No matter though. Carla was eating him up with her eyes, watching every move he made. She decided to up the ante a bit and just let him have a bit of a show as well, for the next phase of events. Slipping her towel back off of her, it draped against the back of her chair and she stood. Two quick, simple tugs and her bikini bottom fell away, slipping down her long legs. The well-groomed, but very full, pubic hair covering her sweet bits was very dark. Clearly, the carpet didn’t match the drapes. Zack was surprised by the sight, thinking someone who clearly valued grooming so much would be shaven. He couldn’t honestly recall seeing much in the way of pubic hair in the college girls he’d bedded previously, and the sight was somehow feral to him, and terribly arousing.

Sitting back down, she parted her legs wide, giving him a nice look at her body. Her breasts were still restricted by her top, but that too was quickly removed, allowing the heavy globes to bounce free. As she sat down before him, fully nude, she waited to see what reaction the new exposure might have on that half-hard prick dangling in front of Zack.

That new exposure had the exact reaction she wanted. His cock slowly grew and grew and grew, before it stood proudly, fully engorged with blood, the flesh stretched tightly over every inch. It twitched in the cool air, and his eyes never left her body.

The silence was broken when Carla spoke. “Although, I must say,” she began, her voice sounding somehow matronly and scolding, “It’s not polite to stare at a lady.” The smile threatening to curl up the corner of her lips showed her playfulness.

“Oh? What, are you going to punish me now?” Zack asked as he tilted his head to the side, as his eyes locked right onto hers.

He was a mouthy one, she thought with an inward chuckle before replying. “No, I don’t do punishments. That’s not my style. I prefer the positive reinforcement style of parenting.”

With that, she leaned forward and took hold of his thick, pulsing cock with one hand and began to stroke him gently. “Now,” she said, licking her lips. “What happens here today must be a secret, of course. I’d deny it fully if you let anything slip and I promise your father would believe me. I’m a pretty good secret keeper.” She looked up at him from her seat and gave him a wink. “The question is… are you?”

He gasped at her touch and shivered, leaning back a bit. “Am I a good secret keeper?” He brought a hand up, tapping at his lower lip with a dirty grin and a nod. “Nothing will come from what happens here today. Promise. Pinky promise.” He even held out his pinky, looking over to her with a grin.

“It’s not your pinky I am interested in, sweetie,” she murmured, tugging him closer to her by his prick. Her lips closed around the fat head, swirling the tip of her tongue up against the sensitive edges of the tip, lapping up his sweet pearly essence already dripping from him. One hand moved down to cup his balls, giving them a gentle roll and tug, over and over, as she descended downwards, filling her mouth with his rod.

After a few minutes of tasting him and feeling him grow ever harder in her wet, willing mouth, she pulled back to lick her lips again. Sitting back in the chair, she scooted herself forward a bit, so her groin was right on the edge of the lounge chair, then cocked a finger at him.

“Come show Mommy some love,” she said softly, slipping a hand down to toy with her soft pubic hair. “I need a kiss… right …. here…”

His eyes went wide as he was so easily tugged forward. Heavy, throaty groans were heard from the young man as his stepmother’s tongue swirled all around his cock. His hands moved down, gently taking ahold of her hair as he throbbed and twitched, thrusting once forward so she could taste more of him.

A soft moan came out as she just kept sucking him, until finally she popped off and licked her lips, his legs almost jelly from all that fun. His eyes locked to hers, then slid downwards as he watched her slim fingers slipping into the soft mass of pubic hair, stroking her heated flesh. With a shake of her head, he tried to focus on her request, though there seemed to be not nearly enough blood in his brain at the moment. Slowly, he sunk to his knees in front of her, breathing deeply to take in her sweet scent.

“Anything for Mommy,” he said sincerely, leaning forward to press a single soft kiss against the top of her pubes, before kissing a path downwards.

Gasping and sighing with pleasure, she pressed the back of his head forward, encouraging him to continue. “Good boy. Don’t stop now, baby. I want you to taste Mommy’s sweet juices.” She slid forward a tiny bit more, pressing her flesh against his lips, grinding on him a little.

One free hand moved to her breast, where she fondled herself, pinching and tugging at her dark nipples, feeling the warm soft breast flesh in her hands. Both long legs lifted to close around him, locking her ankles together as she rested her feet on his back.

He closed his eyes as he was encouraged, feeling the flesh press more to him as his tongue went out and flat. He dragged it along her slit, long and slow, licking over her pubic hair as he did so. His hands moved, resting on her ass gently as he pulled her into him.

Though he stopped, looking up to her with a little grin as he licked his lips, kissing against her pubes once more with a murmur. “Does Mommy like her ass eaten, too?”

Carla tilted herself forward more so he could access more of her body, her little backdoor as well. “I think you should try it and find out, don’t you think?” As she smiled down at him, watching him pleasure her, she rubbed his back and shoulders, drawing her fingertips over his flesh encouragingly.

He cracked a grin, and gently lifted her ass up, moving to kiss down her slit once more, before his tongue quickly darted between her cheeks, poking and prodding over her backdoor a few times, lapping all around the outside of it.

Carla groaned loudly, shivering in pleasure. Clearly, she did in fact like it! Her hands moved off his body to the chair arms, her fingertips digging into the fabric as she squirmed beneath his exploring tongue. Her flesh was soft and clean, smelling lightly of her sunscreen and the chlorine from the pool. Opening her legs wider, she provided even more access to her most secret spots, feeling the flesh growing hotter and plumping in excitement.

He grabbed ahold of her ass flesh, grinning as he pulled her more off the chair, holding her up as he did so. Zack’s nose buried itself happily into her hairy cunt, as his tongue went wild.

Her own eyes rolled back in her head as she let him experience her body. My, my, the boy was good at what he did! He must have a lot of experience with the little college sluts, she thought randomly. Her thighs quivered as he licked and suckled at her body and she tightened them around him.

Strong hands held her, exactly what she’d been needing — to be held and licked and desired again. And hopefully, there was plenty more to come. Carla shivered as the intensity grew, from his searching clever little tongue.

“Oh, don’t stop,” she gasped, panting for air. “Lick Mommy, baby, just like that!”

He grinned hard as Carla started to quiver and shake. While the position was a bit odd, with his tongue lapping alternately at her vaginal lips and pucker, his brow ridge pressing firmly against her swollen little clit, he gave it his all and she seemed to be enjoying herself. He shoved his tongue into her wet depths as far as he could, but wasn’t satisfied, so it was quickly replaced by two long, strong fingers. Probing her wetness, he grunted in contentment, striving to hit all of her hot spots as once. He let out little murmurs and huffs, breathing through his nose as he took in her earthy, clean scent.

A moment of unexpected pressure into both her little holes at once proved to be exactly the tipping point she was after. She screamed out in release, gripping his head tightly, jamming his face into her. He could probably not breathe too well, but she was way beyond giving a fuck.

She came, hard, shaking violently, grinding her dripping pussy against his poor face. A thin sweet fluid rushed from her, wetting his face even further. Her breasts were lifted high, pointing upwards, nipples rock hard in her pleasure.

The waves of orgasm took her on a wild ride, and she kept him locked between her thighs the whole time, as she groaned and cried out and whimpered in pleasure.

Finally, after a long moment, Carla released him, pulling away to collapse back onto the chair. Her body glistened with sweat, as if she’d been doing cardio. Her cheeks were flushed, and she looked quite satisfied… for the moment.

Zack watched her closely, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, his face glazed with her essence, wearing the biggest smile (not to mention the biggest hard on he could remember) and felt proud of what he’d given her. He was eager for Round Two…

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