Sexy Girl At Concert

It was a cold evening in Bangalore. I was waiting outside the concert ground for my friend. I was super excited for this concert. This break was a long time coming. It was a typical EDM concert. Everyone was high off something and the girls were barely wearing any clothes.

My dick stirred as a group of girls walked past me. They smelled incredible. My phone rang. It was from my friend. I picked up the phone, “Hey man, where are you? I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“I’m so sorry dude, I won’t be able to make it. I’m stuck at work with a deadline. You enjoy okay? Bye.” I was pretty angry at this point. We had been talking about this concert for a long time. And now he ditches me. I was about to leave when I saw another group of super attractive girls. I let my dick think.

I showed my band and entered the grounds. It was an incredible set and the vibe was amazing. I forgot about my annoying friend and started enjoying the music. I went to the bar and chugged one beer to get some buzz going for me. The show was about to start so I went in front of the crowd where it was super crowded.

I landed behind this girl (not by luck) who was wearing a black mid-thigh level skirt and a red crop top. You could probably see her belly button from the front. She had this brownish hair too. The music started and we all started to dance. The girl in front of me was a bit wild with her dancing.

I didn’t mind because it meant her grinding on me by mistake from time to time. I was too scared to make any move. It’s India after all. My dick was hard by now. This hot girl had been dancing and semi grinding on me for a good 20 minutes. I wanted to know I was here.

I got the chance when her friend passed her a drink. This was my chance. I went close to her ears and said, “Hey, can I have a ride with you?” She looked back, laughed and passed it to me. I Looked her with lust. “Thanks, I’m Manish, the guy you’ve been grinding on for the past 30 minutes.”

That made her laugh and say, “Hi Manish, I’m Prerna. I hope you don’t mind. I get a little crazy while dancing.”

“No no, be my guest. Let me return the favour.” I grabbed her hips and started to grind on her ass. I don’t know where I got this courage. But I was super relieved to see her grind back. This was a green signal. I grew more confident and pushed into her more. She pushed back.

She seemed to be enjoying herself. I grew bolder and moved my hands from her hips and moved it upwards until I found her solid C cup boobs. I gathered my courage and started pressing them from behind. She moaned and threw her head back at my chest.

Wonderful! I’ve found myself a little slut I thought to myself. I had her, at least for the concert. Her friends saw this and were giggling amongst themselves. I didn’t care. I took my other hand started teasing her hot thighs. She was grinding on my hard dick by now. “You like this?”

“Omg yes, daddy.”

The last word threw me off. She’s a kinky slut I thought to myself. The music was a blur to me by now. I was horny as fuck and wanted this girl on my dick. I started to tease her pussy. “What a good slut, who wears a thong with such a short skirt.” I pushed aside the thin fabric and found her lips. She was very wet.

My dick was so hard it was driving me crazy. I wanted to fuck this slut so bad I thought. “You should have someone take care of your situation,” I said as I inserted my fingers into her wet cunt. “My place isn’t too far away, want to get fucked like never before?” I was overplaying my hand.

I didn’t think anything would come out of this. She broke free from me and whispered something to her friends. She turned towards me and said, ” I haven’t gotten fucked in a long time. I’m yours. Fuck me good tonight.” I couldn’t believe my luck. This hot drunk kinky slut wanted to go back home with me?

I didn’t think twice. I took her hand and led her out of the concert grounds. I booked an Uber and headed towards the exit. I could hear her shallow breathing. I saw her face properly for the first time. She was pretty too. Had amazing lips. My dick stirred thinking of her lips on my dick.

We got into the cab, didn’t speak much. I kept my hands on her thighs and kept teasing her. Her breathing was very uneven. She was horny too, probably more than me. We reached in silence, got into the lift in silence and reached my apartment in silence. As soon as I locked the door, I pounced on her.

I shoved her to the door and kissed her full on her mouth. She responded with her tongue. I let my hands explore her body and squeezed her boobs and ass. I pulled away after some time. My hand went exploring under her skirt and the other took her hair and pulled it backward aggressively.

I started to play with her pussy through her thong. She started moaning. I tugged her hair and pulled her towards me and said, “You will be a good girl tonight, won’t you? You came here to get fucked good and hard didn’t you? You will be my bitch won’t you?”

She was moaning and whispered, “Oh my god yes. Yes, fuck me hard. Please.”

“Take off your clothes. You don’t need clothes anyways. Keep your thong on.” We went inside my room and she started to strip. Man, she was fucking attractive. Had a great face, big round boobs with cute nipples and an ass that’s meant to be spanked. I walked around her as if she was my prey.

“Get on your knees.” That’s all I said. I unbuckled my belt and started to remove my jeans. Her eyes grew large seeing my erection through my underpants. “Like what you see?” She nodded and started to play with it through my underpants. She removed my clothes until I was completely naked.

She had her eyes on my erect dick. I took her head in my hands and pushed it towards my dick. She had zero resistance and parted her lips. She started to give me a blowjob. She seemed to have good experience with it, using her hands and tongue. I was in ecstasy.

I wanted more though. I took her hair in my hands. She understood what I wanted. I started to push her head deeper and deeper. Before long she was choking on my dick. I pulled out and started smacking her face with my dick. She was loving every second of it. I continued to assault her face.

One hand controlled her hair and the other was on her neck. She was moaning so much. Spit and drool leaked out of her mouth onto her body. She looked hot with pre-cum dripping down her lips. I pulled her hair and told her to look at me. “You like this don’t you. You love being treated like a slut.”

She nodded. I slapped her face lightly with my other hand. “Tell me how much you like this.”

“I want this so bad. My pussy is super wet. Please fuck me.” I slapped her again. “I’ll fuck you when I want, understood?” I started face fucking her again. This went on for a while until I was ready to cum. “I want you to swallow every last drop okay?”

I inserted my dick in her mouth one last time and unloaded directly in her mouth. She swallowed almost everything like the good slut she was. I picked her up and threw her on the bed. “Open your legs.” She followed immediately and then I started playing with her pussy.

I first inserted one finger, then two. She was in cloud nine. “What a good little slut you are aren’t you, you are horny after I used you like that.” “Omg please don’t stop, please.” That’s all she could say. I played with her nipples with my other hand and she started losing it.

She was close I could sense that. That is why I stopped. “What please don’t stop omg why.” She tried to play with herself but I caught her hands. “I want you to say how badly you want it. Beg in fact. Beg me to take you as my slut tonight. Nothing’s happening until I’m convinced.”

She stared at me with breathlessness. I knew she was annoyed, horny, and angry. This is where she would decide if she was willing to submit completely to me. “Please” came a weak voice.

“Please what?”

“Please fill my pussy.”

I wanted nothing more but I resisted to torture her. “What are you tonight?” A long pause followed. “Your slut,” she whispered. I spanked her ass super hard and said, “I can’t hear you.” She moaned at my spanking. “I’m your slut tonight. Please please fill me up with your dick. Please, I’ll do anything.”

My dick was hard again by now. I flipped her around so I had the view of her ass. Perfect. I spanked her again. Her right cheeks were turning red. I spanked her left cheek several times. The balance had to be there. By now I was having complete fun. I shoved my dick into her tight, wet pussy.

She threw her head back at this. I took this opportunity to pull her hair and started giving her a hickey on the neck. I continued to pound her pussy from behind. She was close from before and came right then and there. “Enjoying this aren’t you.” While saying so I shoved my finger in her asshole.

That made her jerk and look behind. I shoved her face back into the pillows and continued my assault on her pussy and now her asshole. “You are my slut tonight, that means you will do what I say. Your ass hasn’t been fucked in a long time, has it? I’ll be changing that today.”

I proceeded to insert two fingers and started massaging around her tight hole. “Of course, my body is yours. I was just surprised that’s it.” I pulled out and shoved her down on her knees. “Lick off your juices and lubricate my dick.” She started blowing me again.

I face fucked her for some time and again made her stand in the doggy style. I started licking her ass as I didn’t have any lube. I massaged her ass and spanked her while doing it. She was in ecstasy. Different noises were coming from her mouth and some suggestions on what she liked.

I followed her suggestions as anal sex needs her cooperation. When I thought she was wet enough there. I took my dick and started entering her slowly. She said it would pain initially and don’t bother listening to her painful noises. I tested her by twisting her nipples hard, exactly during this time.

She was shouting at this point, in pain, pleasure, ecstasy. “You are anal slut aren’t you. You love this feeling. Tell me, slut.” I said as I spanked her. “OMG, yes. It’s been so fucking long. Fuck that asshole. Make it yours, sir.” That sir drove me crazy.

I started pounding her asshole as if it were her pussy(or face lol). I shoved my dick completely in her asshole and that was the time she screamed the loudest. I stayed there for some time. The next time she pushed her ass back so she could feel full again.

The rest of the night was spent fucking her in different positions and trying out new stuff. The last time I came, I came on her face. She looked so fucking hot, with cum dripping down her face. She even clicked a selfie like that for her memory.

By the end of the night, we were completely exhausted and fell asleep cuddling each other. I found such a good fuck, and she found what she was looking for. It was a win-win for both of us.

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