More than roommates

e was not the right guy for me. He was quite a rich person in all aspects except that he wasn’t having time for me. Or rather, he wasn’t what I wanted.
Then after one year I decide to separate. I was alone till last year when Natasha came. She is a lovely girl of 23.
“Your chai is getting cold, babe” I said.
Natasha peeked out from behind her newspaper.
I sat opposite her in my Sarita Vihar flat, sipping cup of tea.
‘Thank you didi.’ Natasha used the term didi. She is eight years younger than me. She is my mother’s close friend’s daughter. I am working as a software programmer. Natasha, after finishing the collage, came to me for a job. Somehow I arranged a job for her in a call centre.
‘Finish it up, quick. Shopping awaits us!’ I said before she leapt out of the sofa and went to her room.
Behind the newspaper, my thoughts trailed to that day in the multiplex, when we had been watching a English movie .
‘What lips!’ I had exclaimed, when the heroine first appeared on screen.
‘So much like Natasha’
I had glanced sideways at Natasha. Her lips were also so good, almost moist.
How would those lips feel on me?
I had placed my arm around Natasha’s shoulder. Natasha had snuggled in and continued to focus on the movie. I had then slowly massaged Natasha’s neck. I could feel Natasha coming alive from the goosebumps on her neck. Natasha had then turned and looked into my eyes.
In reality, Natasha had been confused, almost shocked that day.

As I locked the flat and we stepped out to hail an auto rickshaw, Natasha’s

phone rang.
‘Hello? ’
I looked concernedly at Natasha as her tone grew increasingly distraught. She
then started sobbing. The phone dropped to the ground.
‘What happened, Natasha?’
‘My mama is serious. Natasha said, sobbing.
I flung her arms around Natasha. We stood there for a few minutes, outside our apartment, silent, hugging, with Natasha crying into my shoulder.
‘Don’t you need to get there?’
‘Yes. Let me book my ticket.’
‘Don’t worry, sweetheart. Let me book it for you. You pack.’
‘Please do not worry …’ I said, as I hugged Natasha tightly. The cab was waiting to take Natasha to the airport.

Natasha was back in a week. I hugged her tightly, wordlessly, as she stepped
inside their flat. Natasha clung on, breathing in my musky smell, her arms
hanging limply at my side.
How is your mama now.
She is well now, Natasha said.
‘Chalo, I’ve made some mushroom soup for you.’ I said gently, as I pulled away from Natasha to take a good look at her.
Sweet, sweet Natasha. Her kohl had streamed down her cheeks, making her look childlike and vulnerable.
‘I am aching all over, Malti didi, everywhere.’ Natasha said, sinking into the sofa.
‘I know, I know, baby…’ I said, stroking her hair. ‘I’m here for you. I’ve taken off from work today and tomorrow…’
‘You’re a blessing.’ Natasha smiled tearfully at me through her tears.
I fixed a quick dinner of wild mushroom soup. After dinner she went to her bedroom.
After half an hour I called out to Natasha. When she did not respond, I walked to Natasha’s bedroom.
There she was, sprawled on her bed, in her usual spread-eagled fashion. I smiled. I tiptoed to the bed and looked at Natasha. In the light of the moon streaming in through the window, Natasha looked beautiful. Her black top revealed her smooth shoulders and the creaminess of her breasts. The top had ridden up, and I could see her tiny waist and smooth stomach. Her shorts revealed her shapely hips and the fleshiness of her high butt. I could not help being aroused.

I walked to Natasha’s bed and sat down beside her sleeping form. I gently stroked her hair and kissed her on her cheek. I continued to place my lips on Natasha’s cheek and felt her warm, almost baby-like breath on her face.
Natasha’s eyes flew open. When she saw me so close to her, she relaxed.

Natasha silently gazed at me. I sat down on the bed and gathered Natasha in my arms. I then kissed Natasha all over her face – her forehead, eyes, cheeks and then finally, her luscious lips. I let her cry as I kissed her on her shoulders, the nape of her neck, her earlobes, inside her ear. Natasha said, “I was scared but thank god all is well now.” And she started sobbing and clinging on to me.
I did not want to make the next move. I knew it would be wrong. But Natasha spared her the trouble. She unbuttoned my shirt and snuggled into the space between my large sized breasts, taking a deep breath of my musky smell. As I stroked her hair, she bent down and kissed my navel. She then unhooked my bra and rested her cheeks on my heaving right breast.

I could not take it anymore. I made Natasha lie down on the bed, face up, and slowly undressed her. Natasha sighed as I leaned back against her pillow. I removed Natasha’s top, all the time kissing her on the areas that were slowly being exposed – the top of her breasts, her rough areolae, her nipples that were now large and hard. I licked her stomach, on the sides, around her navel, along the line that led to her pubic area. I pulled Natasha’s shorts down and smelled her pubic hair. The salty, animal-like smell drove me crazy. I removed Natasha’s shorts and panties and started licking her all around her clitoris. As Natasha arched her sex towards mys lips, I stopped.

‘Please, please, suck me, didi…’ Natasha pleaded, breaking the silence.
‘Do you want it? Do you want me to suck you, baby?’
‘Yes! YES! Suck me, now! Natasha pleaded again, arching her back.
‘I want to, babe, oh I so want to!’
My fingers moved down to slowly spread Natasha’s legs. I then massaged the area around her vagina, and made circular movements around Natasha’s clitoris, which was large, red and hard by now.
‘Please, put your finger inside me, please…’ Natasha pleaded again.
‘Shh…’ I said, placing a gentle finger on Natasha’s lips.
I bent down and slowly sucked Natasha’s toes, one by one. This new sensation made Natasha writhe with desire, twisting and moaning aloud. The warmth of my mouth made her heady with desire.
I then slowly began sucking Natasha’s areola. The rough skin contrasted so much with the rest of Natasha’s body and it drove me crazy with desire. Natasha held the back of my head and pushed it towards her right nipple, all the while moaning. I succumbed and slowly started sucking – deep, long sucks that made Natasha cry out deliriously. I then bit her right nipple and twisted it around gently between my teeth. With my other hand, I continued to squeeze Natasha’s left breast. As Natasha moaned, I planted kisses on her stomach and then around
her clitoris. I spread Natasha’s legs and touched her vulva. I then positioned myself comfortably between Natasha’s legs and gazed up at her from there. Natasha’s eyes were closed in anticipation of the pleasure that was to follow.
I then bent down to slowly lick Natasha’s cunt – starting from her wet, slippery vagina and moving up to her clitoris. Natasha moaned softly as I repeated the motion and began to thrust her vagina towards her. I then inserted my tongue into Natasha’s vagina and licked, my tongue flitting in and out. As Natasha’s moans grew louder, I knew that she as about to come. I hardened my tongue and increased the pace of licks. When the intensity reached a peak, I felt Natasha’s vagina tighten around my tongue and hold it inside. Natasha was still for a few seconds before she came, in a series of spasms that convulsed her entire body.
I then moved her lips to Natasha’s clitoris. I swept my tongue in circular motions, round and round the button, till Natasha could not take it anymore.
She grabbed me by my hair and dragged me closer to her button. I, however, continued her circling which made Natasha scream inexcruciating agony.
Natasha’s button was now large and throbbing in my mouth. Natasha then screamed as she came and spurted all over my face – watery, transparent liquid – the quantity of which both shocked and delighted me. I drank it thirstily, relishing every drop.
I watched Natasha as she lay back, spent, with her eyes closed, on the cushions. I kissed Natasha’s eyes, I felt salt in my mouth. Natasha opened her eyes to gaze into my eyes – she was crying softly. I continued to kiss her face, the top of her head, her lips, her chin, the hollow of her neck. Natasha continued to sob softly. She then looked up into my eyes.
‘How did you know?’ asked Natasha.
‘How did I know what, baby?’ I asked, stroking her cheeks.
‘That I needed this…’
‘I didn’t know. I just went by my gut…You were hurting, baby. And you’re so beautiful, it’s difficult to resist.’
‘I’m not sure I know how to reciprocate.’ Natasha said, snuggling into my chest.
‘Don’t worry about that…’ I said, hugging her tight.
Natasha sighed. In a few minutes, she had fallen asleep.

Next week I got some work in Mumbai for a month. Natasha became sad. But I was to go there in any case.
I reached at new place. I became very busy. Hardly I was getting Sunday to talk to Natasha. She was feeling very lonely.
Anyways, after a month I came back on Sunday afternoon.
As soon as she saw me, she hugged me tightly.
Tears welled in her eyes. She felt the dam holding back her emotions break down. She cried like a baby, releasing tears on to my breasts and arms.
She said, “Malti didi I became lonely, I can not explain how I passed this one month.”
I said, I know darling, I can understand.
She prepared tea.
At night, she prepared dinner. After dinner, it was around ten, Natasha came to my bedroom and sat beside me.
Then placing her hands on my cheeks, suddenly she kissed me. I just smiled. She moved her hands down – one to my neck caressing it and the other behind my back. She whispered, “I love you Malti didi.” I could see naughtiness in her eyes.
“I missed you,” she said and began to kiss me again. She kissed me on my lips, on chin.She nibbled me on my right ear, bit me on my neck, while her hands moved inside my top and fondled my breasts. One month separation made her so voluptuous.
I was aroused. I started kissing her passionately, squeezing her left breast through her top with one hand, while with the other hand I fumbled with the button on her pants. I managed to unbutton and unzip them easily. I pushed my hand into her panties, ruffling through her pubic hair. She spread her legs, allowing me easier access to her vagina. As we continued to kiss, I found her clitoris and began to flick it hard, up and down. She moaned, opening her mouth wider, I took the opportunity to kiss every particle of her lips, her mouth, her tongue hungrily, while continuing to stroke her clitoris firmly.
“Need… something… inside me,” she said softly, as I continued to kiss her and play with her clitoris.
“Inside, pleaaase!” she begged, looking down into my eyes.
I smiled up at her, looking mischievously into her eyes, I spread her vaginal lips and inserted my left index finger inside gently. She moaned softly. I was moving my finger in and out of her vagina slowly.
I felt Natasha’s vagina got wetter and warmer with every thrust; she was now moaning loud enough. Her face was flushed red and strained from the unfinished sexual business of her genitals. She was breathing hard through her mouth.
“Harder… Malti didi,” Natasha whispered.
I obliged, increasing the speed with which I was massaging Natasha’s clitoris and thrusting my two fingers in and out of her. Natasha spread her legs as wide as she could; her face was tense and open, breathing hard through her open mouth. I saw her belly muscles tighten and loosen, and Natasha began reclining lower, grinding against my fingers and thumb.
“Harder… please,” She whispered, breathing heavily.
I increased the speed of thrusting even more, until my fingers were going at Natasha’s insides almost mechanically. Her vagina squelched loudly with every insertion.
“I’m close,” Natasha whispered, panting.
I rammed her even harder with my fingers, while rubbing her clitoris hard into her pubic bone. Natasha screamed with pleasure. I felt Natasha’s orgasm start around my fingers as her vaginal walls began clenching and unclenching around them. I saw Natasha’s rectum expand and contract with the force of her orgasm; her hips shook violently, her entire body shuddered as she continued to scream throughout the waves of pleasure ebbing and flowing through her sporadically.
Finally, after the waves of ecstasy quietened, Natasha stopped shuddering with her eyes closed. My fingers still inside her vagina.“Be with me, Malti didi,” Natasha said.
I slowly extricated my fingers from inside Natasha. Natasha groaned as I removed them from insider her vagina. I smiled and began licking Natasha’s vaginal juices off my fingers.
After ten minutes or so Natasha said, “Come, I’ll finish you off Malti didi.”
She started peeling off my clothes, kissing me passionately. Suddenly she stopped.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, looking genuinely concerned, even as she explored the cleavage between my ample breasts with two of her fingers.
“Let me bring something for you, first,” Natasha smiled mischievously and replied and went to her bedroom. I sighed and started taking off my remaining clothes.
Natasha re-appeared back in the room. I saw that she was wearing nothing except what seemed to be a large strap-on fake-penis toy emanating from her pubic region, strapped around her hips with elastic bands.
I astonished, “What is this? From where you bought this. Oh my God!!! It is almost nine inches?”
Natasha laughed,”Yes it is nine inches. I bought for you”
I laughed and gestured for Natasha to come over to me. She hurriedly came near me and started kissing – munching on me. With her hands, Natasha pushed into behind my back, squeezing my hips hard. Natasha began licking my neck, on the right side first, as she continued to play with my hips. She then started biting down all over my neck, holding both my hips in a constantly firm, almost painful squeeze. I gasped with part-pain and part-pleasure, holding on to Natasha with my arms around her back. Natasha began digging her nails into my hips even as she clutched them firmly.
The delicate touch of Natasha’s hands and the warm softness of her sucking contrasted with the wildness of her bites, was like fire and ice for me. I moved my arms which had so far been holding on to Natasha’s back, down to her ample hips, massaging them gently. With one finger, I began exploring the crack between Natasha’s hips, finding her way to Natasha’s rectal lips and pinched her on her rectum. Natasha squealed.
And then, Natasha kissed me; engulfing my lips with her own, licking them furiously.
“Put it inside me, Natasha,” I, freeing myself from Natasha’s hungry kiss.
She gently pushed me on to the bed, lying down on top of me, kissing me all the while – Natasha’s strap-on forming an unusual bony barrier between me and Natasha.
“Enter me,” I whispered. I spread my legs for Natasha to penetrate me with the strap-on.
“Wait, I’ll get some lubricant,” Natasha said, sitting up, moving away from my embrace as if to get up.
“No, can’t wait,” I said irately, “I am wet enough. Just put it in!”
Natasha smiled and put lot of saliva on strap-on.
My vagina was tight and even though the strap-on was wet with Natasha’s saliva, it entered me only about an inch and a half to begin with. Slowly, I started bucking my big hips up and down, even as Natasha began to thrust slowly. With some difficulty, the strap-on penetrated me about half of its entire length, deep enough for me to start thrusting without fear of the toy pulling out.
Natasha started thrusting slowly.
With every thrust, I felt the strap-on go deeper and deeper until finally it was fully inside. I let out a gasp of pleasure as the strap-on finally fully
penetrated me.
Natasha smiled “It’s in… fully, Malti didi”.
She smiled and began thrusting the strap-on hard with her pelvis, in and out of me. I squealed with delight at the first few thrusts before settling into a pattern of loud rhythmic moans as the strap-on moved in and out of me. As she thrust in and out, Natasha began nibbling and biting on my neck; I spread my legs to their widest.By now, my vagina had started making almost fart-like squelching sounds as the strap-on moved in and out of it.
“Harder,” I pleaded between moans.
Natasha obliged, doubling the speed of her insertions. My vagina was seething with the heat of what I knew was an orgasm building up. Natasha moved on to my left ear, nibbling on it, biting it, as she fucking me hard; I felt my vagina squirt pre-orgasmic fluid hard out like a jet-spray, drenching my loins and thighs, in addition to Natasha’s as well. I felt Natasha’s perky breasts slam against my voluminous ones.
Natasha moved her hands from under my waist down to my hips, cradling them, nestling them in her hands. She applied pressure and lifted my hips into the air a little, with almost superhuman strength, even as she continued to drill the strap-on in and out of my vagina. The effect was almost instantaneous; the changed angle of the thrusting drove me insane with ecstasy; the strap-on was rubbing against my clitoris as it went in and out.
“Harder baby… minute… away,” I pleaded breathlessly.
Natasha grasped and lifted my hips even more into the air in response, increasing the speed with which she penetrated in and out of my vagina to an almost mechanical, humanly impossible speed. I moaned like a madwoman, my vagina squelching even louder than her.
“Yes, cum for me, Malti didi” Natasha whispered in my left ear, engulfing it entirely in her mouth.
The orgasm began somewhere inside my belly, just below my navel – a spot the strap-on was hitting with ferocious speed in addition to my clitoris. I moved my hips into the air pressing my body tight against Natasha, lifting my back off the bed. I yelled as the ecstatic power of the orgasm unleashed. Natasha stopped thrusting recognising the expression from my face, making sure to keep the strap-on inside me as deep as it could go. The orgasm spread out in waves: contracting my belly muscles in and out first before my vaginal walls began clasping and unclasping the strap-on with a manic fury. My hips wobbled wildly in the air and my legs shook. Then as the force of the orgasmic waves began to subside, I moved my hips back to the bed but the orgasm went on. My vagina continued to clench and unclench the strap-on though now with a gentler fury, now releasing what seemed like a gargantuan amount of jet-spray fluid, drenching groins and thighs completely.
“Are you done, Malti didi?” Natasha whispered in her ear.
“Nooooo…” I whispered back moaning. My vagina was still grasping on to the strap-on in sporadic waves. “Keep it inside, please,” I pleaded.
Finally, when I was done, I opened my eyes and saw Natasha’s face one foot away from me.
“What are you looking at?” I asked, smiling shyly.
“Your face and chest is red as a beetroot,Malti didi,” Natasha replied, laughing.
“Well, you can pull out now,” I said. Natasha pulled out the strap-on slowly. I moaned as it exited my vagina, shuddering with a last tingle of pleasure. Natasha got up and untied the strap-on from around her waist and hips.
I sat up; my thighs were still shaking from the force of the orgasm.
“Natasha, give me the strap-on,” I said smiling. “Your turn to get fucked.”
Natasha laughed and handed the sex toy over to me. I pushed up the elastic bands up through my feet, up my thighs, over to my hips, making the strap-on stick out from my pubic area.
“I would love to be fucked doggy style, Malti didi,” Natasha said with a naughty smile. She was on to all fours, presenting her voluptuous hips to my view.
“Lube?” I asked.
“No need,” Natasha replied smiling, looking back at me, her ample breasts wobbling as she turned back to respond. “Just enter me quickly.”

I nodded and with some difficulty, configured myself behind Natasha’s hips and began pushing in the strap-on slowly inside Natasha. Despite its largeness, it entered Natasha easily. She moaned noisily as my vagina accepted the fake-penis toy inside me.
“I need a hard fuck,” Natasha said, impatiently banging her right leg on the bed, wobbling her hips. Slowly, she started bucking her hips up and down, even as I began to thrust slowly, enjoying the view of Natasha’s curvy full hips as they took the toy in and out of them.
“HARDER!” Natasha yelled, banging her right foot on the bed impatiently again.
I obliged, stabbing Natasha’s vagina hard with the strap-on. I dug my fingernails into Natasha’s hips. She began bucking her hips against the fake plastic organ hard even as I rammed it in and out of her, holding on to her hips with fingernails dug in.
“Yesss…” Natasha moaned.

I moved my right hand off Natasha’s hips to grab her hair, from near her shoulders, even as I thrust inside her. I pulled Natasha’s hair back; Natasha arched her neck and shoulders back.
“Yes, fuck me like a bitch,” Natasha whispered lustily.
I clenched my teeth and began ramming Natasha at speed.
Natasha started bucking her hips even more wildly against the strap-on.
“Cumming… don’t stop…” Natasha whispered.
I let go of Natasha’s hair and reduced the speed of her thrusting. Natasha buried her head into the bed, cradling her breasts with her arms; I felt
Natasha’s hips and thighs shake with the force of her orgasm, I felt a small amount of fluid squirt out of Natasha’s vagina on to my left thigh. Natasha screamed into the bed as the orgasm rippled through her body, gyrating her hips slowly against the strap-on. Finally after about a minute, Natasha got back on to all fours and crawled forward until the strap-on had exited her. She lay down on the bed, panting, still cradling her breasts.
I began taking the strap-on’s elastic bands off me.
“Be with me, Malti didi,” Natasha said.
“Oh Natasha baby…don’t worry” I said, hugging her tight, caressing her hair.
Natasha sighed. In a few minutes, we had fallen asleep.

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