Bengalee Film Queen 10

Episode : 10

Next morning during breakfast, Rajnandini didn’t notice any type of abnormalities or uneasiness neither on her affectionate mother’s face nor on her highly patience father’s face. Rather she noticed a glowing and satisfied smile was playing on the faces of both.


Suddenly her eyes fixed on her father’s crotch…. a small bulge was appearing… but why? Was he not fully satisfied yesterday night or was it a morning wood. That’s when she realised her father’s quick glances at her deep cleavage because she wore a causal low-cut top from which her over-flowing boobs peeked out. She smiled mischievously but didn’t try to cover them.

Nandan couldn’t keep his taboo thoughts from straying to his young daughter, Rajnandini. She was just too damned sexy for her own good. He was pretty sure that his young girl wasn’t virgin, he saw her deep intimacy with her boyfriend Akash many times.

He had known for some time now that he would love nothing better than fucking his prick into her tight little cunt. He was so horny he could hardly stand it, and the idea of fucking his own sexy daughter stiffened his cock all the more.

I’ll bet she’d be a great fuck, he thought lewdly, licking his lips excitedly. She was a horny man’s dream with her big, firm tits and then her slim waist with flared hips that tapered down into her long, slender legs. Her ass jutted out just enough and looked solid and ripe. She looked a lot like her mother Indrani, and as sexy as she.

Sometimes he even fantasized to fuck his daughter and his lover Sreelekha together. Now he realised that if he ever did get that chance, it would be doubly-exciting, as if he were fucking both his wife and daughter at the same time. All these taboo thoughts excited him so much he had to leave the room to conceal his rapidly increasing bulge.

However finishing his breakfast he went to his dearest friend Rajat’s house who lived just two blocks away from his own apartment with his wife Rupa and their only son Akash. Rupa Boudi was outside most of the time for her political meeting while her son Akash went to his office. So, only the two friends chatted about Film-industry and political scenarios of Bengal as well as India…. drinking few pegs of whiskey.

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After one hour, he returned to his home when his wife already went out for her film-shooting at Tollygunge studio. As he entered the house, making his way through the kitchen, he heard something….. a noise that he couldn’t quite place at first.

It took awhile to register, and, when it did click into place, he stopped dead in his tracks and began to grin….. a slow and lazy grin. The sound was his daughter’s bed squeaking. The noise was the sound of his daughter’s moaning with lust. He wondered if she was finger fucking herself….. his cock hardened instantly with excitement at the thought.

He moved towards her bedroom door, which was open only a crack. He peeked through, hoping to catch the young girl with her hand in her pussy.

But what he saw was even more exciting than that. His daughter was stark naked in her bed and she was not alone. She and her lover Akash….. they were too much engrossed in fucking each other. They hadn’t any knowledge that Rajnandini’s father Nandan was spying on them.

Nandan could hardly believe his luck what he was seeing. He stood there with his mouth hanging open….. watching his daughter as her lover fucked his hard prick into her black-fringed pussy. What made it even more thrilling to him was the fact that his young, “innocent” daughter ‘wasn’t fucking idly….. she was throwing so much vulgar words just like her mother with the savage pounding of Akash.

Nandan couldn’t see Akash’s face, but he could see his daughter clearly…. his daughter’s lovely, young face was covered with a mask of ecstasy. He could see Akash’s big cock going in and out of his daughter’s young cunt. Her fuck juices was glistening on Akash’s prick as he fucked in and out between her grasping pussylips.

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Rajnandini’s firm ass was rolling wildly. She had her long legs spread wide. But she bunched herself up to her lover….. each time he fucked his cock home with another penetrating stroke.

Nandan’s own cock throbbed and pushed strongly out of his jeans which he had absently unzipped. His heart was hammering painfully as his mouth became dry. His prick kept stretching out….. getting longer and rounder….. and harder than before. It was the most exciting sight he had ever had the pleasure of seeing.

His gorgeous young daughter’s cunt was sliding and pulsing around her lover’s ravishing cock shaft. He had a full view from where he stood….. and he could watch every exciting detail of the fucking. He could see the surging movements of his daughter’s rounded ass. He could also see Akash’s loaded hairy balls slapping obscenely against the uplifted crack of Rajnandini’s ass.

Rajnandini moaned with pleasure as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around Akash’s back. Her legs curled them against him so that she could pull his pistoning prick even deeper into the steamy, tight hole of her cunt. Her arms hugged him around his neck, and her huge tits flattened against his broad, muscular chest.

Nandan realised that her hard nipples were scratching the hard muscular chest of Akash…. tried to dig his muscles…. and burning stiffly against him.

Rajnandini twisted on Akash’s fucking cock under him…. humping up against him faster and faster. Her breath was hissing from between her tightly clenched teeth. She was fucking closer to an orgasm.

Outside from the partly opened door, Nandan could imagine exactly how Akash’s prick was feeling inside his daughter’s slick cunt. He had fucked two more cunts…. Sreelekha’s and Dolon’s except his wife Indrani in his lifetime. But he had never before been as fucking excited as he was right now. He was mesmerized by the lewd sight of the young stud thrusting his prick into his daughter’s pussy.

Almost without realising what he was doing, Nandan began to move his hand up and down his own stiff prick. He caressed the swollen cockhead…. feeling the slick coating of pre-cum which he smeared over the knob of his prick. His sperm-filled huze balls were aching painfully. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the young couple fucking each other on the bed.

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“Oh, God, Akash dear, you’re fuckin’ me sooo good! I’m gonna cum soon!” Rajnandini cried….. throwing her cunt up almost violently to meet her boyfriend’s fucking cock.

“Me too, baby. Let’s cum together,” the young stud cried between panting breaths.

At the same time, Nandan’s cock lurched crazily in his hand as  his daughter’s cunt bucked and twisted around Akash’s cock…. her ass lurched violently as she came.

“Conmmiiinnnnnggg……!” the young girl cried.

Nandan moaned softly as he realized that he was cumming right along with them. As Akash shot his load into Rajnandini’s  pussy, she gave a final corkscrewing hunch and sucked her lover’s cockhead even deeper into her orgasming cunt. Akash’s  entire body went stiff and his toes dug into the mattress as he shot his hot cum deeply into the quivering depths of his girlfriend’s pussy.

Nandan also shot his own load off into his handkerchief which he pulled out from his pocket just before his ejaculation. He hadn’t done this since he was a horny teenager himself…. necking with his girlfriend Sreelekha in the back seat of his car.

“Oh, yessss, Akaaaaaaaasssshhhhh……, yesssssssss……! Your hot cum feels soooo good, hot and creamy! I love it!” Rajnandini moaned…… her cunt still grinding lewdly against his cumming prick.

Nandan remember his own sexy wife who had also talked that way to him in all the years they had been married. He realised her daughter owned this rare quality from her mother… he was quite glad by his daughter’s performances. Most of their fucking had been raunchy like this….. and for that reason, he now didn’t need to look at other girl.

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