Convinced mum to get fucked by whole bus

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So other when me and my mom went nearby town for her regular health and skin cheakup. And had some hangout around my uncle house. It was late return back to home and there weren’t any buses anymore so we had to go for the reserved bus that takes people for left seats.

When me and mom entered the bus the conductor guy showed us the seats and we sat down. We looked around it. And surprisingly there were no women in whole bus other than my mom. It was completely filled with in all seats. Me on the hand was completely aroused to those many men and only women in the whole bus.

So i a asked my mum saying we can make good money in here if you want. My mom was like what do mean by that. And i said how about you get fucked with these men. These guys are going somewhere all by themselves and its night. They’re definitely horny or aroused in some way. My mum was like completely terrified by that. Wtf are talking. And i said “well believe me there are nealy 100+ men in here if you take 5000rs per guy you can make mote than 500000 thousand in one night.

There’s no better way if making that much money in one night. And there aren’t any other women to judge you. She was like ok but what the driver and conductor guys. They’ll be angry about these. I told her I’ll convince them you just sit here and start to wet pussy. She was like ok and started touching and fingering herself. I went to the driver and said hey guys i have an amazing offer for both of you. They were what’s that. You see this bus full of men and there’s only one women and its mum. So what we decided is if let us do whatever we want in here ill let both fuck her for free. They were like ok that’s an amazing offer.

And we’ll take it. Hearing that i cane back to seats said to mum it ON. And i announced guys i have something offer for you guys. So you there aren’t any women in this bus. And most of you definitely are horny. So my mum’s gonna this ride worth a while. And its just 5000rs only per head. How about that. While u was saying these lines my mum my beautiful sexy ass bitch mum rise up and with boobs naked. And this made most of dicks hard. Everyone rushed to take cash.

I told my mum to take her clothes off and lay down under the tv that’s behind drivers wall. My mum did as i told. She went down there layed down on the walking path and opened her beautiful legs wide open. And people started going crazy. So if there’s no tomorrow. I started collecting money from everyone from their seats before they get started. Most of the paid in cash and others online transaction. And some of them wanted to have hardcore dp and dvp so i said you guys can have whatever you want. You just have to pay more and wait more. And thise guys were like ok well pay 20k each more. And they got started man it was like sex haven from there. My mum started sucking cocks like a pornstar. These guys made her gag on their cocks and started fucking her in pussy it was a greatest scenes to remember for life. And people started to fuck her anal and i said guys no hole is free you have to pay more if you want. They just didn’t care about money anymore. My mum was like only fucked one man her whole life and both her kids were born by syzerian.

So her holes were fully intact as a young women would do. That only reason caused then to pay more no matter how much. I raised the value 10k per head and they didn’t care. They paid the money started to fuck her more harder. And the these guys were getting horny who said to pay more for dp and dvp so came near mum and started get their cocks sucked. Man it was really a glorious moments. They fucked my mum for one and half hrs and she was fully covered in cum her face, thighs and all her holes. She was such amazing slut my mum. God I love her so much. And then it near our destination so i said hurry up guys,Times running out. The driver got caught up in driving and realized they had deal. So got up said take the steering wheel and we’ll go fuck your mum. So i took the steering wheel and started driving slowly so we don’t to get our destination fast and stopped for half our near the toll plaza. And went back see whats happening and it the best moments in my life she getting three dicks in her ass an two in her pussy. Just WOW. Then all of them git what they wanted. And some people or most them Wanted to record my mum sucking their dicks for second time and fuck her and i said nothing come for free. They were like ok.

Most of the guys already recorded her while the other guys or themselves fucking my beautiful mother. It another one hour for that. And both the driver and conductor guys fucked my mum like no other. They fucked her soul of the body i guess. All of them are finished and it was like fully covered in cum all her face and her whole body man it was Great for both of us. She orgasmed like never. I guess she was happy. I asked you ok mum and she said im okay I’m fucking great. My son am done so great. This is my greatest night if life. And our home arrived and we got down. And told her not clean herself she should get down walk naked upto home and she was like okay great ill do that. And she did i as said. We went back home she was naked. I open the lock and i was recording her walk naked to home she was so beautiful with all the cum and her naked body. Wow greatest thing evre happened Infront of my eyes.

We both got inside the house asked how was that she was like my amazing son you gave my greatest night of my life thank you very much. And i said you made near 7lac nearly in one night. My beautiful amazing sexy mum. She was literally shocked to hear that and said. I think we should this more often don’t you think. And i said yeah but its not a that coincidence to nit have a single women in the whole bus every time mum. She was like yeah that’s right. And so my amazing son you gave me the greatest night of my life . So do want some of your mother before i clean myself from all the filthy cum you made eat and shoved in my holes. I was like yeah why not mum. It’d be my honour to fuck you with all the cum on you. She came near me kissing on my lips and caressing my dick with her soft hands and started suck my hard dick with that beautiful mouth of her and using cum covered body to fuck me to end of her life.

We fucked for nearly half hour and slept naked in one others arms and she was fully covered in her cum lusted body.

That was one amazing day we had. We fell asleep.

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