Brother and sister break boundaries, Listening to Our Parents Fuck

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and break boundaries, Listening to Our Parents Fuck, “Oh, fuck yes, Joe! Fuck me!” was accompanied by the sound of the headboard banging against the wall.

All Mark could do was lie there. Any chance of sleep at a reasonable hour was long forgotten. At newly 18, he wasn’t blind to what his parents were doing. He’d long ago noticed women and their bodies, their sexy curvy bodies.

Just the sounds emanating from his parents room had his cock thickening and rising. The light coming through his window, illuminated the tent forming under his blanket.

He debated rolling over and cramming the pillow over his head, but he knew that his parents were just getting started and it would be a long, torturous night of raging hard-ons and not sleeping.

Reaching down, he firmly gripped his hard cock. It wasn’t the longest, but it was fat. At 7″ long and 4 inches thick, any woman would feel every vein, ridge and bump, from the base, all the way up to his fat circumcised cock head.

The tempo of the headboard banging against the wall and his mother’s moans were increasing in volume and frequency.

“Fuck, yes! Oh, Joe, fuck. I’m going to !”

Mark started stroking from the base of his cock to the head, matching his parents’ rhythm, wanting to badly cum in time with his mom. Unthinkingly, he imagined it was him fucking his mom, not his dad.

He stopped his feverish thrusts into his hand, expecting to be disgusted. Turned off. But his cock was still hard, throbbing and jerking back and forth in search for stimulation.

‘No one’s gonna know, Mark.’

Swearing softly under his breath, he grabbed his cock firmly and started stroking from base to tip.

This time, he imagined it was his 19 year old sister he was fucking. His cock jumped in his hand, the image of bending his big assed sister over and fucking her like dad was fucking mom almost made him blow his load.

“Hey Mark…” his sister Shelby said as she walked into his room, cut off by the sight of her not-so baby brother jacking his cock at a frenzied speed. “Uh… Nevermind,” she exclaimed as she turned to leave.

Mark, torn between wanting his sister to see him shoot his load, and decency urging him to cover his jerking cock, gave it one last hurried stroke before covering his throbbing cock with the blanket.

“Shit, Shell. I didn’t expect…” he trailed off. Nothing could really explain away what she’d just witnessed.

“No, no. I’m sorry, I should’ve waited. I, uh, couldn’t sleep with the pornstars going at it.”

Shelby stood in the doorway to Mark’s room, fidgeting. Her arm across her breasts, hand clasped at her elbow as she shuffled her feet.

“It’s alright, Shell. No harm, no foul.”

Completely the opposite of what his cock was thinking at the moment. His cock was still twitching under the blanket, beginning to ache.

Shelby just stood there, sending furtive glances at her baby brothers cock as it jerked and throbbed. Her nipples, drilled into the arm she had hastily crossed over her body in the hopes that Mark wouldn’t notice.

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