Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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She jumped down from the bed and yanked off my robe and forcefully pushed me back on the bed. She got between my legs and pulled my erect cock up to her face and started blowing me. She stopped after a moment as she apparently decided that her face wouldn’t be visible to the camera. She looked up at the ceiling fan and I looked up too. She scrambled over to my left leg and lay down beside me and placed the side of her face on my left hipbone and pushed her lips back on my cock. She looked up again and she seemed to be satisfied as she frantically began sucking my cock again. I ignored the camera but she was infatuated by it. She posed us in several fucking positions then her face lit up in a grin as she flopped onto her back and I lifted her left leg over mine again and I rolled on my side and pushed my cock in. This position showed everything: Her beautiful face, her messed up hair, her incredible body and best of all my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. In that position, I could fondle one tit and suck on the other. She was in delirium. She had two orgasms and on playback she was fascinated by those. When I was about to cum, she reached down and pulled my cock from her as I shot cum on her pussy, up to her stomach and her tits. She rubbed the cum into her tits and stomach and scooped the cum out of her pubic hair and shoved her fingers in her mouth as she stared up at the camera. Her antics got me laughing and then she joined my laughter.

She played the whole thing back and said, “Your cock looks even bigger on camera.” She giggled and said, “They say the camera adds ten pounds.” I exploded in laughter and she giggled. Then she said, We’re pretty hot, huh? If we need money, we could maybe make home-made porno movies.”


I laughed hard at that vision and said, “You can be my porn star. You won’t need the money but I could pay you if you want.” She playfully punched me on the arm and laughed. Then she got serious as she asked about the woman in my bed that looked like the girl from the diner.

I said, “Her name is Priya. She lives next door with her eighteen-year-old daughter Divi. Priya and I had a short fling earlier this summer when she was married to a guy who spent his time in India. When they got divorced, she ended our affair. It seems that she was only interested in me when she or I wasn’t emotionally available. I inadvertently told Divi that I couldn’t participate in her summer ending slumber party because I was getting engaged. She told her mother and all of a sudden, I wasn’t available again and she visited me in the middle of the night.” Donna listened to my explanation which provided way more information than she had asked for.

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