Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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Considering that I hadn’t even taken a stroke yet, I smiled as I thought of what was to come when I actually started. I eased my cock back out of her pussy just to remind her that it was there. Her eyes went wide as she looked down at me. My smile was short-lived as she drove her pussy back down my shaft. I groaned hard as she screamed again. She gasped a lungful of oxygen and held it as she frantically began fucking my cock. In our short history, I had never seen her like this. She was crazed. Then she screamed the trapped air from her lungs and dropped her torso on mine and began pistoning her hips at a furious pace as she began a long, unbroken, “AAAAHHHHH,” that culminated with a teeth-clenched, “JEEEESSSSUUUUS,” as she was crushed by another orgasm.

Priya slowed her pace and then stopped, which gave me a reprieve. I was climbing the ladder to my own orgasm and it seemed to bounce there at the top of the cresting wave. Jesus Christ, I wanted it, but it dissipated. I could have taken over the action and completed, but in the back of my big-head I wanted to cum in that incredible ass that I’d seen all summer but couldn’t have. My orgasm receded and I rolled her over onto her back. She went willingly and gazed up at me as we kissed. She was still searching for oxygen as her chest heaved, forcing her gorgeous tits against my chest. We never broke our connection at the middle and she pushed her hips upward as she groaned again.


Not a single word was spoken as I lifted my torso off hers. I pulled my cock back from her and she tried to push herself up to keep us connected. When it came free, it was incredibly hard and it popped up to point at her face as she had lifted her head to see it. As if reading my mind, which she always seemed able to do, she whimpered, “Fuck my ass Jack?” I grinned down at her dark eyes, illuminated by the digital clock. They glistened with moisture but they were on fire as she pulled her knees up to her tits, then spread them wide and held them there with her arms. The move rolled her hips upward and presented her anus to me.

My cock was slippery with her lubrication and I positioned my thighs up tight to her ass so my glans pushed against her anus. She flinched slightly and I pulled my knees in closer to adjust my angle and then pushed gently but steadily until my glans pushed into her. She gritted her teeth as she held her position to accept it. I held there for several moments to let her adjust and then with her signal, I slowly pushed my shaft down all the way to my balls and stopped. Priya had been holding her breath as I pushed into her and when I hit bottom, she expelled the trapped air in a gasp and grinned up at me.

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