Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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She kissed me on the shoulder and said, “I know. I’m sorry it all turned out this way.” She kissed my shoulder again and continued, “Divi told me you’re getting engaged. Do I know her?” I didn’t know if she knew Donna or not, so I just shrugged my shoulders.

Priya pulled herself up higher and I could tell that she was naked. I hadn’t seen her this way for a long time and my cock jumped to a full erection and tented the covers. I said, “Priya. Why are you here? Divi said you are dating again.”


She thought for a moment and then said, “Divi has a big mouth. I have been dating but no one particular or steady. I’m not sure I can explain why I’m here except that I was lying in bed tonight thinking about what Divi had said about you getting engaged. I found myself getting horny. Unbelievably horny. I could feel my blood throbbing through my sex. I was reminiscing about our good times and I just touched myself and rocked into an orgasm. The only thing I could come up with was that we were two people on fire when I was married to Naveen and you were emotionally married to Anna. Now that you’re unavailable again, that excites me. Go figure. I guess we weren’t meant to be married and I know now that that was my hang-up. I apologize if I drove you crazy. I guess I’m not meant to be married again. These ding-dongs that I’m dating are not for me.” She hiked herself up higher so she could move her lips to mine. We kissed gently for a few moments and then just like back then, our lips began frantically searching for anyplace to kiss.

I started to roll toward her but she was quicker and she pushed her body up on mine. I found her neck and she groaned hard between kisses. My cock was sticking up between the back of her thighs and she started humping her pubic mound on mine. Blood, surging through my ears, was the only thing I could hear.

I’d had enough of the thigh action on my cock and I reached down and pulled my cock forward, which forced Priya to pull herself forward too. When I could, I pushed my cock down into her sex. I let Priya make the final adjustments depending on where she wanted me. She lifted her hips and maneuvered her pussy onto my cock. She pulled back from my face with her mouth open in a groan and muttered, “Oh my gggawwwddd,” with a pinched look on her face as she pushed herself down my shaft.

She didn’t even get to her depth before she was clenching hard on my cock as her body thrashed. She emitted a long guttural groan that rose in pitch to a scream as her orgasm either became much more intense or she had another one right on top of the first. This was the kind of sex that I’d missed from when Priya and I started our extramarital affair. I flexed my cock hard and she screamed again and started chanting, “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” When she started to come down off her high, she was gasping hard. Between breathes she muttered, “Oh my … gaawwddd. I … missed that.”

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