Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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I was dressed in my best suit and even put on a tie that I struggled to tie properly. Divi came to retrieve Eddie before I left. I was sure I’d hear all about it tomorrow. In the back of my mind, way down in my crotch, I envied him. I thought back to that day with the girls at the beginning of the summer. By the time I got to Donna’s house, I was still trying to get my erection to go down.

Sylvia answered the door dressed in shorts and a sweatshirt. She was as beautiful as ever as she ushered me into the study and pulled a beer out of the refrigerator under the bar. She said that Donna wouldn’t be long. We chatted about Eddie and anything else we had in common, which was basically, Donna. She commented on how I was dressed. She’d never seen me dressed like that. Hell, I hadn’t seen myself dressed like that. She said, “Something special going on tonight?” as she grinned at me.


I was ready to explode but I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “Just dinner. We might not be home tonight so don’t wait up.” She giggled and an odd expression washed over her face like she knew exactly what I was thinking. I ignored that look and took a sip off my beer bottle as I walked to the twelve-foot stacks of old hardbound books. I felt like Sylvia’s brain was drilling into mine.

When Donna walked into the study, I just stared, slack-jawed, at her. She was stunning in her flimsy material, form hugging dress. She stood tall in her stilettos. My favorite. The dress dropped to mid-calf with what I could only classify as scarves of various lengths. She posed to display her left leg all the way up to her hip between a long split between scarves. The effect was incredible. The top was low cut in front and back. Her breasts were sitting high even without a bra, which would have been impossible considering that the dress was basically backless. She spun around once to show me the whole package. Her light brown hair was weaved up on her head. Her eyes were captivating, made up like they were. Donna didn’t wear a lot of makeup as a rule, but tonight; she was glamorous. Her plump lips were painted with lip-gloss. Even Sylvia was staring at her.

She grinned at my reaction and cat-walked her way across the room and pushed her body against mine and kissed me. I thought I would cum right there in my pants. In that room at that moment, Donna was the most gorgeous woman on the planet. She pushed her left leg between mine and rubbed her hip on my erection and then pulled back and grinned at me and said, “I guess you like what you see.” I leaned forward and kissed her back. I looked at my watch and said, “We’d better get going.” Sylvia brought over a shawl and Donna’s clutch purse. She draped the shawl over Donna’s shoulders and Donna made the final adjustments in front.

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