Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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There was no way for her to add anything to the action with her hips trapped with her knees held to sides of her tits like that so she said, “Fuck me Jack. Do it haaaaarr…” Her eyes suddenly went wide as a groan escaped from her throat. Before I could start extracting my cock, she groaned, “OH FUUUUCK. I’M CUMMINGGGG AGAIN. GO… GOOOO.” I went.

I pulled my cock out more quickly than I should have and I felt her sphincter come with it. She screamed. I could feel her anus clamp on my shaft and I stopped. She released me and I started fucking her ass. Her legs were trapped against the outside of her tits by my chest and arms outside of her legs. She shoved both hands down to her sex and began furiously rubbing her clitoris with the heel of one hand as the fingers of both hands rolled deeply into her vagina, fighting with each other to find the magic spot.


I was giving her full depth thrusts as her spasming sphincter allowed and then her fingers pulled another vaginal orgasm out as she screamed long and loud. Then she pulled her hands back and she was squirting. She launched long, powerful streams of fluid, that splattered against me and sprayed everywhere. We were both soaked before I even knew what was happening. Priya was delighted with the results. She had her eyes closed trying to catch the splattering fluid with her open mouth and tongue like she was a little girl trying to catch warm raindrops in a summer downpour.

There was nowhere for her to go and I had no desire to go anywhere either because my orgasm was building rapidly and I wanted it badly. As it rolled over the top, I groaned out, “UUNNGGG,” as I collapsed to my elbows squishing my soaked chest to hers. I lowered my face to kiss her wet lips. She latched onto my lips and groaned through my many cum-shots and the remainder of her double orgasm. The squirt had diminished until it just drooled from her vagina. We were both drained and neither of us moved until we’d recovered from our orgasms, Priya looked up at me as if looking to see if I was upset with the mess she’d made and when I grinned down at her, she burst out laughing and pulled my face to hers and we kissed.

I pulled my nearly soft cock from her and rolled over to my side of the bed on my back. Priya rolled on her side after she eased her legs down and stretched them as she lifted her hips in the air for a moment. She ran her fingers through the sparse hair on my chest and got serious. “Is there any chance we can keep doing this after you’re married?”

I was silent for a few moments and then said, “I won’t lie to her; so, I’d say no. But she’s shown some pretty open thinking about sex so far.” Nothing more was said about it. Priya rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom with her hand clamped in her sex. I heard the shower come on and I joined her. We washed and caressed each other until the water went cold and then dried each other off. Priya pulled on her clothes, which consisted of a long tee shirt and nothing else. I was still naked as I escorted her to the slider. She stopped there and turned around. She lifted my soft cock in the palm of her hand and squeezed her fingers around it as she stretched up on her bare toes to kiss me.

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