Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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I laughed and said, “He’s just searching for a home.”

Donna giggled and pulled herself further down the shaft and groaned as she said, “Well. I think he’s found one.” I pulled her further on and in moments she was thrusting her hips forward and back to fuck herself on my cock. Her knees were on the bed beside my hips and she pushed me onto my back and leaned forward and really started driving her hips. She grinned down at me. I was sure I had some kind of goofy, contorted expression on my face. My feet didn’t reach the floor so I couldn’t offer much to the cowgirl ride. The look on her face told me she was getting all she wanted.


When my cock started to harden further, Donna stopped and my pending orgasm receded. She knew what she was doing. She wasn’t done with me yet. She pulled herself off my cock and inched her way up my body and sat her pussy down on my face. I kissed her sopping wet clitoris and she shrieked just like the girl running around on the lawn next door. She settled down again and I kissed her clitoris again with the same results. She whimpered, “I’m so close. Give me your tongue.” I gave it to her as I thrusted my tongue deep into her pussy and she shrieked again.

I varied my attack with deep thrusts and flicking my tongue through her labia and then on her clitoris and all the way back to rim her anus. She groaned through it all and with my tongue jack-hammering into her pussy she exploded into her first orgasm of the night. I had plans for many more, but this one crushed her and I was busy slurping her juices from her pussy as she gyrated on my face. She was gasping for air and I was too when I could get a breath.

I rolled her off me to her back and came up between her legs. She spread them wide and used her fingers to spread her labia, exposing the pink inner folds of her vagina. It was still pulsing randomly as her juices bubbled out of her. Her hair came undone and she shook her head as her wavy hair spread out around her face. My hard cock was bobbing on her pelvic mound as I gazed down into her beautiful face. Her mouth was slightly open exposing a sliver of her ultra-white teeth. Her eyes betrayed her sultry countenance. Her nostrils flared with each breath. Time stopped in that moment. I didn’t even notice that she was running her fingers along the underside of my cock.

When time started again, Donna softly spoke, “Fuck me Jack.” I rolled my hips back and she guided me in to her pussy. I pushed down slowly and her head pushed down into the mattress as her chin came up. Her lips formed an “O” and her eyes pinched shut. She was holding her breath and released only enough to facilitate her long guttural groan as I pushed in. Then I had the measure of her and I began thrusting my hips in and out. She was timing my pace and started driving her hips counter to mine. She flinched a couple times and then decided it was best to leave the action to me. Her legs, which had been spread so wide they were perpendicular to mine dropped down parallel with mine and then her heels hooked on the inside of my knees so she could drive herself up when the time came, which turned out to be very soon. I could feel her body tense. The constant chanting of “OOOHHHH’s and AAAHHH’s” stopped and her teeth clenched as she seethed air in and out through them. Then she thrust her hips up and she screamed out, “OH MY GGGAAWWDD.” Her pussy was clenching hard on my cock as she dropped her hips and thrust them back up again as she screamed again. Then her hips collapsed to the bed.

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