Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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My orgasm was getting closer but I figured that I could get one more from Frankie before I was done. For a few more minutes I slowly rolled my hips forward and back as Frankie reciprocated with her hips. Then my climax rushed forward. I could feel my balls tighten and I began piston-fucking her as her left hand went back to her mouth to stifle her screams. I couldn’t hold back anymore and cum rocketed up my shaft. When she felt it coming, she slammed her hips up to me and her last orgasm rolled over her like a tsunami crashing to shore. Her eyes were wide and unseeing as her pussy milked me dry. I let my full weight drop onto her but only for a moment. She threw her arms back around my back and her body started shaking as she burst into tears. I rolled us over and pulled her on top of me. We remained connected in the middle. I kissed her forehead. She seemed to be embarrassed at her sudden display of emotion. I soothed her body as I ran my hands gently down her back and up the slope to her ass and then pulled them back up over her hips and slender waist, causing her to tremble, and then back to my starting point.

Frankie pushed herself up on my chest and looked down at me as she wiped tears from her eyes. She said, “I’m glad that you called me Anna. I wanted to be her for you one last time.” Through her glistening eyes, she smiled down at me. I didn’t remember calling her Anna and I said nothing more about it.


After a long time with Frankie’s face on my shoulder, she sat up and pulled her knees up beside my waist. I was still imbedded in her and she ground her pussy down on my semi-hard cock until I was hard again. She was about to start again when we heard a car door slam pretty close by. Frankie dropped her tits to my chest again and neither of us moved. We heard at least two people walk by no more than twenty feet away. Frankie giggled silently and clenched her pussy on my cock.

The mood was broken. I grabbed the corner of the blanket and rolled us over and pulled the blanket over us. We listened until the footsteps disappeared in the distance. She pushed her lips to mine and kissed me. I rolled us back onto the blanket and then we got dressed. We folded the blanket and grabbed the urn and walked together to the lake.

Frankie wanted to say some words before we released the ashes. I did the same and then unscrewed the cap and after a short hesitation I slowly poured the ashes into the water. We watched as most of the ashes dispersed in the water lapping onto the shore. The rest blew away in the gentle breeze. Frankie held me and I held her as we both teared up. I held the neck of the urn wondering what I was going to do with it. Frankie reached over and took it from me. It was a relief; it seemed so heavy. She swung her arm back behind her and heaved the urn as far out in the water as she could. I watched it go, thinking, ‘Well, that’s a solution.’ I tossed the cap in behind it. We stood silent, arm in arm for several moments and then walked, arm in arm, back to the car.

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