Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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She said, “I’d already decided to join Divi and her friends, tomorrow night… Well, now I guess it’s tonight. But now that you won’t be there, I guess I’ll just stay in my room and get myself off, with my electronic friend, thinking about tonight… or rather, last night.” She grinned and gave me one more kiss before she pulled back the slider and was gone. I slowly closed the door behind her and watched her until she disappeared around the corner of her house. It was very early dawn and still dark. I went back to the bedroom and stripped off the bedding and mattress pad and threw everything in the hamper. I remade the bed and climbed in and was sound asleep again in five minutes, which I spent reliving what had just happened.

When I woke again, the sun was up. I lifted the shade and noticed that Eddie’s car wasn’t there. He must have spent the night at Sylvia’s. I thought, ‘It’s kind of nice not having Eddie here. I’m comfortable being alone.’ That thought lead to another, ‘I’m not going to be alone anymore.’ I smiled to myself as I started the coffee maker and popped a pod in. With cup in hand and nothing on, I stepped out onto my deck. I didn’t stay there long. It was kind of chilly out. I noticed that most of the deciduous trees were showing colors. Fall was upon us with winter close behind. I hated even thinking about it. I went back inside and my mind returned to the seemingly arduous task of figuring out what was the perfect way to ask Donna to marry me. I was getting nowhere fast.


There were an infinite number of ways. The ring in the dessert or the champagne glass was dumb. She could chip a tooth or swallow it. I decided that my analytical mind was overthinking this and got dressed and drove downtown to the diner for breakfast. I had been thinking nonstop of Donna and I wanted to see her.

As always, Donna was excited to see me walk in. She started to seat me at the booth I’d sat in ever since she’d worked there. Then she smiled and led me to the same middle of the room table I’d sat in last time. One other couple was there so Donna sat across from me as we chatted and I ate. She asked me where we were going on our date tonight but I evaded the question other than to say, “Dinner and whatever.” She grinned at the ‘whatever’ part. Blood was pounding in my ears as my thoughts returned to when the appropriate time was to pop the question: In the restaurant in public; in the car; in bed, because I knew that the word ‘whatever’ meant sex and the smile on her face indicated that that was she was thinking too.

Donna had to wait on the other couple so she got up as I was finishing. I paid the check with cash and waited for her to return. When she did, I pulled her against me and kissed her hard. She was a little embarrassed but she kissed me back. I said, “I know I don’t even have to say this but dress nice tonight. I’m taking you to the fanciest restaurant in the area.” She cocked her head and looked at me quizzically. I left her standing there obviously ticking her way through the restaurants in the area trying to guess where we were going.

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