Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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Donna went immediately to the bathroom to clean herself up. I wiped down my pants with a paper towel. I was fixing us a couple drinks when she came into the kitchen completely naked. She came over close to me and stretched up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around my neck. My hands went to her larger than average breasts. Her nipples were incredibly hard and long. We kissed hard and long as my fingers trailed down to her tiny waist as she trembled from my touch. I then gripped her butt-cheeks and pulled her to me. I could feel her pubic mound on my hardening cock.

She held the kiss but dropped her hands from my neck to my crotch as she rocked her hips back so she could unzip my pants and pull my cock out. It was hard and she didn’t have to go searching for it. It just sprang out into her hand. She giggled on my lips as she pulled back slightly and said, “My ever-ready bunny.”


Even with the windows closed, we heard a shriek outside. I back-walked her to the window and looked to see what was making the noise. A spotlight on the back of Priya’s house was illuminating two naked girls running around the yard. One of them was shrieking and then we could see why. The second girl was chasing the first with a big dildo in her hand jabbing it at the shrieking girl’s ass. The first girl ran back in the house with the second in close pursuit. Donna watched the girls and looked up at me and said, “Well. That’s something you don’t see every day. Eddie’s over there, huh?” I nodded and flexed my cock in her hand to remind her of her initial plans. She grinned up at me and clutched it harder. She led me by the cock to the bedroom and stripped me naked while she sucked on my cock again. I leaned over and turned the nightstand light off and she turned it back on. She said in a low-pitched sultry voice, “I want to see everything.” She pushed me back so I had to sit on the edge of the bed and then slid her thighs over mine and guided my erection to her sex and pushed herself onto the crown and groaned as she dropped her forehead to my shoulder. She was breathing erratically already. I flexed my cock and even though only the glans was inside her, she groaned again. She wheezed out, “Oh my God, Jack. I love your cock. I love you.”

I leaned down and kissed her neck and said, “I love you.” It was the first time I’d told her that and she teared up and started crying which quickly turned to sobs. I held her in my arms. My little-head was anxious to get on with it and my cock flexed again to remind Donna.

She ignored the jab and whispered around her sulks, “I’ve prayed that you would say that to me someday. I’m the happiest person on the planet today. I love you.” My cock surged again and Donna giggled and said, “He really doesn’t much care about this emotional stuff, does he?”

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