Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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I eased up to the deck-railing and looked down. Eddie was sitting spread-eagled in the port side front seat of my boat with a naked Ashley on her knees blowing Eddie’s cock. The moaning noises were coming from Eddie. Ashley’s huge tits were piled up on Eddie’s thighs with his hands kneading their sides like bread dough. He seemed completely oblivious to the chain reaction that he and Ashley were causing. I was sure that Ashley was completely aware.

The parade had come to a halt and the closest three pontoon boats contained couples engaged in oral sex. I didn’t need binoculars to see clearly. One boat had two couples going at it. A young guy sitting beside a young woman while their respective partners were on their knees, like Ashley, bobbing their faces in their crotches. The kneeling woman was jerking the kneeling guy off at the same time like she was milking a cow. A vision of Miranda doing the same thing at Rita’s party passed through my mind. The sitting couple was engaged in a passionate kiss. There was no way to tell who was with who.


Beside that boat was a middle-aged woman sprawled on a seat with her legs spread wide molesting her huge fun-bags as a young guy was eating her pussy. The third boat contained the exact opposite. An older guy sat up on his padded sundeck with a young woman kneeling on the seat deep-throating his cock. He sat back with his arms extended behind him sharing his concentration between the woman between his legs and Ashley blowing Eddie’s cock. He paid no attention to the sex on the boats around him.

Boats to the rear were completely aware of the sex going on and they were maneuvering in close to see the action. I’d never even seen a porno-movie as erotic as the sight before me and my cock quickly blossomed to full size. I had to release it from the confines of my shorts.

With my hand stroking my cock I dropped my eyes back down to my boat and Ashley was looking up at me as she vigorously bobbed her head on Eddie’s cock. Eddie didn’t see anything as his head had dropped back to the boat rail with his face to the sky. He was assisting Ashley by rhythmically pushing his hips up as she came down. Ashley was smiling at me around Eddie’s cock.

Ashley pulled one hand off Eddie’s thigh and motioned for me to come down. It wasn’t hard to imagine what she had in mind. It was enticing but I resisted the urge. I enjoyed being the voyeur, but in spite of the several compromising positions that I had recently found myself in, I wasn’t a big fan of being watched. Ashley motioned to me again and I just shook my head.

Motion on the pontoon boat with the two couples pulled my attention from Ashley. The couples had moved into two sixty-nine positions and their groans were now audible. The older guy in boat #3 had deposited his load in the young woman’s mouth and she was getting herself in position to receive his tongue. The middle-aged woman in boat #2 had released her huge tits and was spreading her labia in anticipation of receiving the young guy’s cock. She draped her legs over his shoulders and when her head snapped back and her mouth dropped open, I knew he had driven his cock home. His back was to me so I couldn’t actually see him fucking her but his hips were flying.

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