Jack and Donna get engaged and Eddie is fed to the wolves – Part 11

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Eva pulled back from my lips and between gasping breaths said, “I hope you can go more than once because I plan to.” I smiled at her as she dragged the entire length of my cock along her sex. She groaned hard and then did it again and then again. I hadn’t done a thing and Eva’s hips began throbbing as she burst into her first orgasm. Her mouth hung open. Her eyes were pinched shut as her hips pulsed forward and then back. She’d stopped jerking on my cock. She was just dragging it through her sex. She was muttering, “Oh my God. That’s one.” I put my fingers to her pussy and she was dripping wet. She grabbed my hand with her free hand and maneuvered my fingers inside. She humped on them as she restarted her hand job.

I maneuvered her back against the front of her desk. She went willingly and scooched her ass up and slid back. I moved between her spread legs and she lifted her left leg up and planted her high heel on the desktop beside her. Her fingers released my cock and she spread her labia. Her head had fallen back on her shoulders as she dragged her fingernails through her sex. She was moaning, “OOOHH.. OHHH.. OHHH,” as she diddled her clitoris.


I took my cock in my hand and guided it to her pussy. Her head lifted and she stared into my eyes and whimpered, “Fuck me Jack. I’ve dreamed about this.” I pushed slowly but firmly and as my cock pushed inside, her head dropped back on her shoulder again as she groaned with open mouth.

Almost as soon as I started a fucking motion, Eva burst into another orgasm. She was gasping for air. She grabbed my arms and used them to lower her torso to the desktop. Her blonde hair spread out around her head like a golden halo as she flailed from side to side as I fucked her pussy in long slow strokes. Her eyes were glazed over and her conscious-self had gone somewhere else.

Her tits flattened slightly against her chest and fell only slightly to the sides. They jiggled like Jell-O as I pushed my cock in and out of her. I palmed her hard nipples and she clamped her hands down on mine. I could feel my orgasm building, but it was still way off and I consciously held it back. If she wanted multiple orgasms, I’d give them to her.

I changed my attack to short quick strokes and Eva groaned with the transition. I changed again to pull all the way out and push back in again and she groaned again. I fucked her with just my glans pulling on her swollen clitoris and she exploded into her third orgasm. I didn’t usually keep track of orgasms but Eva had made a point of it. She reached to her sex and ran her fingers along my shaft as I pulled out and pushed in. She hadn’t even finished the third one before she screamed into her fourth. I looked around. Her scream had been way too loud. I expected someone to burst through her office door any moment. Then it occurred to me that she hadn’t locked her door when she came in. That was risky, especially considering the scream.

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