Donna falls for Priya, but things work out for everyone – Part 13

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Frankie’s mother pleaded for her not to move to my house on the lake. She would miss Frankie terrible. Frankie was polite but didn’t heed her plea and we moved the rest of Frankie’s stuff into my house as soon as we got back from our Honeymoon at ‘The Camp’. During the summer, we contracted to double the size of ‘The Camp’ with two more bedrooms and a bathroom on a second floor and central heating and air conditioning. We also remodeled the kitchen and bathroom. We continued to call it “The Camp” even though it was now a home.

It was a crazy summer. Jacob and Ashley renewed their relationship. Brieanne was gone. She had graduated from the strip club and was making porno movies in LA. Ashley continued with the yoga exercises on the dock and the boat parade started up again to Frankie’s amusement and arousal as she watched Ashley and the activities on the boats with her binoculars. I was the beneficiary of the arousal part.


Eddie had to move out of the camp he’d leased for the winter and he moved in with Sylvia. He laughed about jumping out of the sex crazed frying pan with Rita and Rachel into the fire with Sylvia. He was as happy as I’d ever seen him.

Rita and Frank sent constant e-mails asking me to attend their parties and to bring Frankie too, of course. I just deleted the e-mails so Frankie wouldn’t see them. It was an assumption on my part that Frankie would decline the invitations but I was pretty certain that she would and I certainly wasn’t going to attend without her.

The four households: Priya’s, Sylvia’s, Jacob’s and ours rotated dinner parties and they were mostly just dinner and drinks. Mostly. Little Anna was getting big and had developed a personality. We all adored her, although ‘Aunt Sylvi’ kept her distance.

Frankie developed a fondness for having sex on the deck under the stars. Invariably, we got sarcastic complaints from Ashley to our left or Donna or Priya to our right. Divi was home for the summer and she and Frankie developed a close relationship. Frankie was easily the closest to Divi’s age. Divi spent a lot of time on our deck and she was a built-in baby-sitter so Donna and Priya could get out or if they wanted some alone time, Divi would bring Little Anna over to my house.

Shortly after arriving at our revamped “Camp” in mid-November, Frankie gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Frankie thought we should name him Jack Jr. I thought that was a dumb idea and I suggested Frankie Jr. and she exploded in laughter. We named him Michael. Joyce and Angela came down for a couple weeks to help care for Frankie and baby Mikey. Angela was sure that, with Frankie out of the sex picture for a few weeks, that I wouldn’t be able to resist her charms. She wasn’t terribly happy when I politely shunned her advances. Frankie didn’t last the six weeks without sex and her doctor laughed when she confessed to him. He told her no one ever did. I was gentle with her the first several times until Frankie complained that she wanted me to fuck her like I usually did. She didn’t complain again.

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