The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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I especially get off fucking a woman in her own . The same bed where her beloved makes love to her. It turns me on when my cum is leaking out of her unprotected, married soiling her own sheets where her will be sleeping in just a few hours. I don't mean to the guy. The urge must come from the caveman days when a guy took what he couldn't have as his own.

A married woman who has been seduced can never forget the feeling of her lover's hands on her body, especially when she gave herself to him in her own bed. Her memories resurface every time her husband makes love to her in that very spot. She is usually ashamed for her indiscretions but that doesn't stop her from masturbating to our coupling when the urge arises.

She will frequently tell herself that she will not continue with the lecherous affair but her body's overpowering urges will eventually betray her. Her only hope is for her mind to become stronger than her body's sexual demands. By the time this happens, her body has already been thoroughly soiled and used many times as her body gets permeated by my DNA through the walls of her pussy.

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I enjoy turning women into nymphomaniacs. One woman in particular is my own , Kim. She was a very naive girl until just a few years after we married. Little by little I seduced her to the point where she is now a “.” She enjoys with other men with my approval, permission and encouragement.

Kim knows that I seduce and fuck other women. In fact, she is the one who encouraged me to try and bed a certain young, married girl herself. She met Melissa while shopping. Kim said Melissa would be a perfect fit for my perversion. “I can't even imagine Melissa having sex other than in the position with the lights off,” she told me.

Kim also knows I have an infatuation with petite girls with a fine ass. Melissa was a perfect target for me on that description alone. Incredibly enough, it is Kim who has taught me the most on how to take advantage of other women more effectively and completely than I ever could have done on my own. She has even helped with a few seductions.

Married only seven months, Melissa worked at a mall near where I worked. She wasn't the stereotypical beautiful, tall, voluptuous babe with 32DD breasts. Personally, I like the women whose breasts will still be above the waist line in 30 years. Melissa was the pretty girl next door. The shy, innocent looking gal that had the look of lust in her eyes that she didn't even know she had. I'm sure even the most ethical man has taken a second look into those eyes and had his mind stray.

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Melissa is a petite brunette with brown eyes and pure white skin that is soft and supple. She is about 5'2″ with a small set of breasts just large enough to fill a man's hands fully. Melissa's nipples are soft, pink and suckable just like her lips, both sets. That ass is easily her best feature, round and firm to fill a pair of jeans to perfection. Her hips are perfect for grabbing ahold of when driving into her from behind. Melissa married just after her 19th birthday. Little did she know that not long after turning 20, she would be an adulteress.

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