Swinging Adventures – Indian Couple

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We are Arjun and Megha, 36-35 years old, married for 10 years with two kids. We both are well educated and well traveled.

I had the opportunity to study and live overseas for some time and there I got introduced about the swinging lifestyle. I always had this fantasy of participating in group sex and orgies.

After I got married I never had the courage to discuss these fantasies openly with my wife and over the period of time after having kids our sex became monotonous.

I started talking about my fantasies on an online forum.

Unfortunately one day my wife discovered the chat that I was having with a guy about swinging and all hell broke loose. She threatened me with dire consequences and that she will be going to her mom’s place with our kid and that I was pervert and the worst husband in the world.

After crying for a full night, I showed her what actually I was talking and what this lifestyle is about.

She was still not impressed but I told her about swinging and how common is it and about its effect.

She told me that I should have opened about this lifestyle before marriage and that I have ruined her life. Any ways cutting the story, it took me a while before she agreed to talk to other couples and meet them. It was just going to be a meet nothing more. I started looking for couples who had been in this lifestyle and who were open to taking things slowly.

We also started using a lot of sex toys. Once we opened up, I realised Megha liked to climax atleast 2-3 times. We got a nice vibrator and She loved using it. It helped her reach her climax and her orgasms became stronger. We started exploring Anal sex and apparently she was open to the idea. We ordered a Butt Plug online and we started using it while having sex.

It was an awesome experience as it felt that we were having a DP. Megha started talking more openly and told me it would be a fantasy to have a real DP with another couple.

In the mean while we started speaking to a couple called Mehul and Leena in Mumbai and they were a darling couple. They were also in similar age group and they were interested in building friendships before jumping on the bed. So we started talking over Skype and my wife really liked the couple and we decided to meet them. Leena was a super hot babe, she had nice juicy boobs with Pink Nipples. She has a nice bubble but which was deserved to be spanked. I had work in Mumbai and we decided to travel together so that we could meet them. By this time my wife had built up a very great rapport with Leena. Leena apparently was Bi curious and had played with few females.

My wife was open to the idea and she was looking forward to meeting her

We met them at our hotel and Leena was dressed in a short black dress which enhanced her curves.

After having a couple of glass of wine we decided to move to our room to be more comfortable. As soon as we entered our room Leena and Megha just couldn’t get their hands off each other.

They started kissing each other and me and Mehul were enjoying the show. Leena got Megha to open her top and started sucking her nipples. Megha has awesome nipples, and they are one of the longest and most sensitive ones. She loves to be sucked and it’s the most easiest way to make her crazy wet. I suggested that Megha should be blindfolded so that she is put to ease and that she enjoys her time. I asked Mehul to go down on Megha while I started Licking Leena.

While Leena was sucking Megha’s nipples Mehul was licking her Pussy which was dripping of her juices

I made sure that Leena was being taken care and she started using my fingers to explore her clit while licking her pussy.

She had the juiciest and pinkest pussy lips ever and it was an absolute delight to dig my tongue in her love hole.

Megha started moaning and she started to clench her teeth. I could sense that she was about climax in a big way. I asked Mehul to continue to lick her and also finger her.

Megha climaxed and am sure the guests in the next room could have heard her screams.

I removed the blindfold from Megha and kissed her and asked if she enjoyed her experience. She blushed like a new bride. I told her there is nothing to worry and she should be open about her sexual needs and there was nothing to hide.

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