Jaya a lonely Chennai girl

Hi to all boys and girls am Jaya aged 20 years who is currently studying college in chennai.I lost my dad when i was in school and my mom only takes cares of me.I love to share my sex desire,experience and my loneliness.All your comments and feedbacks are welcomed ..

The story starts here as i am from a normal background my life was like a normal girl nothing much in life.Everyday was casual and quite common like all other girls.


On one day my mom asked me to get some sugar from my neighbour home.So,i went to my aunts home the door was closed but not locked when i opened the door aunt and uncle were having sex on the hall.I was shocked and stood like something for few seconds with a dumb mind.After coming to conscious i just closed the door and ran away to my home.After 10 to 20 minutes my aunt came home and asked for what you came.I said mom asked to get sugar as shops closed.She went to her house and brought sugar.Then she told don’t say this to mom because we just forgot to close the door.I said OK aunty but the whole night i was unable to sleep.The entire night i was thinking about their sexual intercourse.

Next day morning i went to college asusual and shared this incident to my close friend nivedhita.She started laughing and asked me how was the free show.I said i felt some hormone changes in my body.She again laughed loudly.Then she was saying how her boyfriend was fucking last week when she was alone in her home.She was making me more moody while explaining the story.I was feeling wet on my panties while listening to the story.I asked her to stop the story but she did not.I told her that am moving to washroom she followed me and locked the bathroom door.

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I was dumbstruck but she closed my mouth and removed my pant.Then she pulled my panties it was wet already.She slowly inserted fingers as am virgin her fingers hurted me a lot.Her fingers were wet with my juices.She bend down and putted her tongue on my pussy.It was a real pleasurable experience for me first time someone licking my pussy.

I know a guys licking will be good but anyway am not lucky to have a guy.I was happy with her continuous licking and fingering on my pussy.After a pleasurable fingering and licking we both moved to our classes.The next story will be posted after sometime.

All your comments and feedbacks are welcomed on jayasreezy@gmail.com.Text me on gmail and hangouts.

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