Fuck in balcony

My wife Ria is the ideal woman anyone would like to fuck. Though forty five in age she has the most perfect figure for a mother of two. She is 5 feet 5 inches in height. She has short curly hair and looks like a teenager.Her ass is rounded and perfect. Tits are perfect and are great to see and feel. We went to Shimla for a holiday and stayed in a hotel with balconies facing the valley. I ave this fetish of exposing ourselves and fucking. Ria is shy and i have to trick her every time and convince her that no one is watching.

in the evening i looked around and saw that while it was open from front, there were some rooms across below where one could be seen. This scone we moved out for a stroll and dinner. Ria was dressed in her leather pants which clung to her sexy body and a sleeveless black top which did not cover her navel. she looked like a perfect babe one would like to fuck.

we are quite forward and do smoke and drink openly when our kids are not around. so we did freak out and came back to the hotel and sat down for dinner at noise or so. I had noticed that there were a couple of teenage boys who stayed in the room below and saw them staring at my wife. i went to them and took them to a corner. they were scared. I told them to relax and that i had a plan. it went like this. after we went back i would ensure that i would bring Ria to the balcony and keep the light on in the room so that the light was on us. the balcony would be dark otherwise. i would strip her nude and then fuck her like hell. they could enjoy this and film it if they wanted to, Taney had to keep their lights off or ria would get nervous.

it all went according to plan. at around ten we came back and ria was drunk a bit, i sat in the balcony and took off my shirt. I told ria, darling come here and we can fuck. Ria was coy and said, darling, i hope no one is there.I said, don’t worry only the darkness can see you my love. come on here. so saying i took off my jeans and was now only in my jockey which was of a thong type. i was in my shoes and watch and my well packed jockey.

Ria came out with the glass in hand and looked around. She sipped and then said, okay honey, no one is there. Darling, i said, i chose this room for this purpose. so saying i went to her and kissed her and ran my hand on her ass. i out the second below fondling her cunt. she moaned and looked quite ecstatic. Soon i took off her top and she had no bra on. as i kissed her boobs, i slowly turned her towards the valley so that the boys could see her. i stood behind her pushing my com on her ass and moulded her tits as i kissed her on her neck, lips and cheeks.
she widened her legs and i put my hand on her covered. roach and massaged it. the balcony was grilled and the boys could see me rubbing her crotch.

slowly i opened the button of her trousers and slowly pulled her pants down. she had on this tiny panty which barely covered her crotch. she put her shoes on again and i made sure her sexy body was exposed fully. i soon pulled her panty down and she was fully naked iwth only heels on. I made her turn aliens and face me so that her great fucking ass was facing outside and from the side of my jockey i took out my tool which was angry with lust and slowly pushed it in her cunt. she writhed with moans as my cock went in and out and i could feel her juices mixing with my cock wetness. as i made her moan with her legs wound around me i kissed her lips and then her boobs and fucked hard. after five minutes i put her down and then fucked her from the back so that her boobs were outside the railing. i was sweating and ria moaning as i fucked hard and poured my cum in her cunt.

we sat on the chair and kissed. my sticky cm was all over and she played with my cock as i kissed her hard. soon my cock became hard and i got up and asked her to sit on the chair. i went in and brought the wine bottle and asked her to suck my cock as poured the wine slowly on my occasion into her mouth. i kept the bottle down and held her face back and shoved my cock in her mouth and soon fucked her in the mouth. this time i could go on for at least ten minutes as i fondled her boobs and pushe din and out of her mouth and finally poured my cum in her mouth and she chocked and drank it in, i looked down and saw those burgers wanking away and waved at them and then along with ria went back.

next day in the morning i met those two boys who thanked me and gave me the pen drive which had the movie i censored. i ave not out it up as yet because it is very clear. but whenever ria travels and is out i watch this on our big screen at home. it is the best xxxx movie i’ve seen.

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