Kate, Ann and Rob again

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Later the next week, Tom had to go out of town on business for the night. When Ann heard this from Kate she asked her to come over for dinner. “Rob’s coming too,” Ann added. A tinge or nervousness crept in as Kate accepted; she hadn’t seen Rob since the weekend away. As the day approached, Kate began to get excited, anticipating what the evening might hold. Unsure of what to wear, she settled on a short black dress and a black lace bra and panties. As she got ready, she began to feel wetness between her legs, excited for what lay ahead. Kate arrived and knocked on Ann’s door. Rob opened it, greeting Kate with a smile and a warm hug. “Great to see you again, Kate,” Rob said confidently.

“You too,” stumbled Kate, feeling herself blush slightly. Ann was in the kitchen making dinner, Kate smiled at her friend, admiring her tight black dress that rivaled Kate’s for being short. Kate’s mind wandered to what she knew was underneath it, now having enjoyed her best friend’s body so intimately.

The wine flowed, as did the conversation over dinner. As Ann poured more wine, she looked at Kate and asked, “have you ever been tied up Kate?” “Tom did it once with these restraints we bought at an adult toy store. Why?” “ We want to tie you up and use you tonight Kate,” Ann said matter-of-factly. Taken off guard, Kate wasn’t sure what to say. “You kind of caught me by surprise with that one,” Kate replied. “Are you game?” pressed Ann. “Um, I guess so. If I can’t trust my best friend, who can I trust?” said Kate. Ann led Kate to the bedroom. The lights were off and Ann started lighting some candles. Kate noticed four restraints tied to the bed posts, along with a ball gag and blindfold already on the bed. Some other things that she couldn’t fully see were on the bedside table. “Take off your clothes,” Ann directed. As Kate slipped off her dress she saw Rob disrobing on the other side of the room.

Kate slipped off her bra and slid out of her panties as she watched Rob’s rigid cock spring out of his boxer briefs as they slid to the floor. Clearly this whole idea was turning him on. Ann slipped off her dress to reveal a leather bra and panties, The panties were crotch less and the bra merely formed leather circles around Ann’s otherwise naked breasts. “Get on the bed,” Ann commanded. As Kate laid down, Ann secured the restraints to her wrists and ankles, Kate lay nude and exposed face up and spread eagle on the bed. Ann then slid the blindfold over Kate’s eyes. She had never felt quite so helpless, but she was incredibly turned on at the same time. Unable to see, Kate nonetheless felt the weight of her friends on either side of her on the bed.

Then she felt the brush of Ann’s hand across her left nipple, then the right. They instantly hardened. Then Kate felt the pinch of cold steel as some sort of claim was put on her left nipple, and then one on the right. The pinch felt hard and a little painful, but in a good way. Her nipples stayed rock hard under the clamps’ pressure. She then felt pressure at the opening of her vagina. Round and thick, it was pushing into her. As it went inside it penetrated deeper and deeper. As it pressed inside her she felt the weight of a body on top of hers. It was Ann, using a big strap on dildo. Ann pulled on the nipple clamps as she thrust the big plastic dong in and out of Kate. Rob moved closer to Kate’s face and ran the head of his erect cock across her lips. “Suck my dick, baby,” he said. Kate opened her mouth and Rob slid it inside. He moved his leg over her until he was straddling her and began fucking her mouth.

His cock was hard and big and she felt it pushing back into her throat, causing her to gag. Rob seemed to enjoy her reaction as he reached back and squeezed one of the nipple claims and thrust himself deeper into her face. He forced nearly 2/3 of his 9 inches into her mouth. Her eyes watered under the blindfold. He slid his hips back and forth, pumping in and out of her wet mouth while Ann continued to pound her pussy with the big plastic dick. “Switch with me,” Ann said and soon she was the one straddling Kate’s chest. Rob moved down between Kate’s legs and thrust his hard dick, balls deep into her wet cunt. It felt so good. Ann rubbed the plastic dick around Kate’s mouth and then pushed it inside, forcing it in until Kate gagged on it. She then pulled it out and slid forward so her wet pussy met Kate’s lips. “Eat my pussy, Kate,” she implored. Kate’s tongue plunged into Ann’s wet hole as Rob pumped his rod in and out of Kate. Ann turned around so she was facing Rob, and rocked back against Kate’s face. Kate licked up and down the length of Ann’s slit.

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