The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“Yes…I mean no…oh I 't know. I'm just so… and I can't…not with another…Oh, I'm so confused.”

“Don't worry Melissa. Like I said, I won't do anything you don't want to do, and if you do want…Well, nobody ever needs to know. If you don't mind me saying, your lips look incredibly inviting right now.” I reached around and gently ran my finger over her wet, open lips and told her, “the only thing missing between these beautiful lips is my .”

“Don't say those things, it makes me even more nervous. I want so bad right now.”

“What would you do with him”?

“Make him take me home so he could make love to me.”

“What do you really want, Melissa. You can tell me.” My hands were moving down her sides very slowly as I gently stroked her. I reached around to her stomach and was getting dangerously close to her petite, heaving breasts.

Slowly I manipulated her body backwards into a position that no other man besides her should ever enjoy. She was leaning back into my chest with my arms around her, getting another step closer to her submission.

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“Melissa, you know what you want him to do, say it.” My face was next to hers whispering into her ear and I could see down the front of her shirt, the view was spectacular.

“I want Kevin right now so he could make love to me. My body is burning up! I need a it so bad.” I then asked her if making love is really what she wanted.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you want to make love, Melissa?” Still whispering into her ear. “Or do you need to !?” I purposely left Kevin's name out of the question hoping she knew that I had just suggested that I fuck her.

“Please, I want to…oh my god…”. I sucked her neck right below her ear which was obviously an erogenous zone. “I want to fffffuuuuuck…. ” She threw her head back and gave out a moan as if she had just had a mini orgasm.

Taking her hand, I guided it behind her until she was physically touching my cock through my pants. “Your husband's cock isn't here right now. Use mine to take care of you until you can have his. Remember, he didn't want to have with you this past week except for one time. A like you needs more sex than that don't you? Let me help take care of you, Melissa until he gets home.”

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I was hoping to play on her feeling that this was all an erotic dream and that the cock she was actually touching was her husband's. Amazingly, she left her hand where I had put it. I then slowly unbuttoned her blouse without any resistance and gently stroked her bare skin of her stomach and ribs just below her delicious .

“What are you doing to me?”

Melissa didn't seem to be able to tell between a dream state and reality. Her state of arousal was making the decisions for her at this point. Her hand, which was still between us, started a massaging motion. I didn't want to break the mood as she seemed to be hypnotized by the feel of what was between us. We stayed like this for several minutes until her breasts were just too much to ignore.

I then cupped both of her small breasts through her bra as I kissed and nibbled on her neck, staying near the erogenous zone below her ear. “Ooooh that feels good…we should stop.” She put her other hand over mine sternly but didn't do anything to stop my ministrations so I continued manipulating her tits.

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