The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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Her was a very conservative who was just two years older than his Melissa. He also didn't have much in the way of education. He was very dedicated to Melissa, loving her so much that he would never think of on her. Unfortunately for Melissa, he did not want to try new things in the bedroom out of fear that she would think him a pervert. I challenged Kim to put his fidelity to the test at the same time I was trying to get into Melissa's panties.

Melissa and I hit it off right away with me gaining her trust over a 3-month period. We became friends and soon she was telling me things that a should never tell another man. If a guy is smart, he will listen to a woman who opens up to him. Listen to her carefully, she is literally telling a man how to seduce her.

Since I worked nearby, I would make a point to see Melissa often if only by waving to her on the way to my destination. When I would go in to visit, I would compliment her dress and looks. Once I even asked her if men often made passes at her. She responded, “no they didn't.” I told her most women don't realize how good they actually look.

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“Forgive me for saying. As delicious as you look on a daily basis, especially when you wear jeans, I'm betting guys follow you to your car and you don't even know it.” She just laughed it off. But the seed was planted.

After about a week, I asked Melissa again if she noticed guys watching her or had she been hit on by anybody. Her eyes got wide. “Yes! Oh my goodness,” she said laughing. Right after I had left on the prior visit she started noticing guys doing just that. She noticed they would in fact hang around her area where she was working. Melissa caught many of them turning their heads as soon as she looked in their direction which confirmed that they were in fact checking her out.

“I have a confession,” she said. “I actually kept moving to different areas just to see if a few would follow me and they did!!”

Laughing with her I asked how it made her feel. She shrugged it off saying that they probably had nothing better to look at. I also noticed that she was wearing tight clothing and she had been taking more time with her makeup, not that she needed any. She always looked fantastic in jeans with her peach shaped and thigh gap. She said one guy even asked her out. He apologized when she told him she was .

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I wanted to find the guys and thank them for helping me to seduce her. Fact was, one of the guys was a good friend who I've shared a or two with. He's helped me out a few times and I've rewarded him with a piece of the action on occasion. I doubt that Melissa would get that wild but who knows. It's the innocent ones who surprise you the most.

Patience is everything, so after another month of chatting with her and getting to know her, I finally made my first move. I knew that Melissa took her lunch at a certain time each day. Around that time, I went in and mentioned that I was meeting someone for lunch but they had to change plans. Since she was about to take her lunch break anyways, she offered to keep me company. After eating with Melissa it became easy to make lunch “dates” a habit.

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