The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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I was in ecstasy. Her pussy was wrapped so tight around my . The walls of her cunt yielded each time she dropped down only to close tight when she rose. Each penetration gave her new emotions and desires which crashed through on every violation of her yearning pussy.

The couch beneath us was getting soaked from all of Melissa's bodily fluids that were being forced out of her throbbing cunt. Each time she rammed my cock back inside of her, another stream of her juices would splash out, soaking more of our surroundings. Every few minutes she would have yet another long drawn out, never ending .

Finally, Melissa was having the hot, intense and dirty sex she always thought she should be enjoying. She no longer wanted to make love, Melissa wanted to ! The whole time Melissa kept her eyes closed and her head thrown back saying, “, fuck me,” over and over again as if she didn't want to wake up from her dream/nightmare.

There was no way I could last any longer even if I wanted to. Her passion was just too much for me. I brought her head down so I could look into her glossed over eyes. With every ounce of strength I had left, I felt I had to say one last thing to complete her debauchery.

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“Melissa, if you don't stop my dear slut, your cunt is going to be soiled by another man's sperm. Do you want me to shoot my cum inside of your pussy or do you want to pull out and I'll finish in your mouth again? Her jaws clenched and her eyes burned a hole in my own as she only me harder, tears of immense pleasure still running down her cheeks.

“It's going to shoot right against your cervix, Melissa. I can feel it every time you ram yourself onto me.”

She looked at me with another moment of clarity and fear but Melissa wasn't in any better shape than I was. Neither one of us could have stopped ourselves even if we wanted. The look she gave was as if she had turned into a deviant slut getting what she finally needed. With another deep guttural moan she cried, “fuck me, fill me up, fill me with your cum. Oh my god give it all to me… Forgive me Kevin…”

“Ooooh fuck yes, here it cums!” I let loose with a huge orgasm of my own, shooting my seed deep into Melissa's previously monogamous pussy, coating her walls with a thick coating of sperm. Melissa didn't let up. This time she didn't just have a squirting orgasm, she gushed. Her juices poured down my leg and couch onto the floor beneath us. Finally after shaking like a rag doll for around two minutes, her orgasm started to subside.

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I put my arms around my conquest as she collapsed against my chest. “Oh god I can feel you throbbing, that's so hot.” Picking her up, I flipped her onto her back and with our loins still joined we proceeded to kiss tenderly. Melissa wrapped her arms around my head and her legs around my hips as she pulled me in to her. “I need more, give me more, please don't stop.” We kissed for a good fifteen minutes like lovers.

I could tell she was trying to drift back into her dream world where she had no responsibility for what she had just let happen to her. My cock, which was still embedded inside of Melissa, miraculously started coming back to again. Rising again so soon was usual for me after two but her pussy was still milking my cock and wouldn't allow me to deflate completely. It didn't hurt that I had taken a little blue pill when we arrived at my place.

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