The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“How did you like your first cum drink, Melissa?”

In between sucking she spoke. “I think I loved what just happened, but I'm still confused.” “Slurp.” “I never thought another man could turn me on so much. This still doesn't feel real. I can't believe “mmmm” I'm doing this…slurp…because, I mean I really hadn't even had a in my mouth until a few weeks ago even though I was always curious.”

“Lick.” “But Kev…What I've done, oh my god. What I'm doing. Mmmm. It's so wrong.” Melissa stopped sucking and licking for a full minute so I just let her take it all in. I wasn't her but she wasn't going to let go of her first cock outside of her . She wasn't trying to convince herself to stop, she was trying to push herself to continue.

“I feel like such a right now.” Whispering in a little girl's voice below her breath so I could hardly hear. “Kevin my please help me, I can't stop myself from wanting more. Oh god, I just cheated on you, please forgive me.” All the while stroking my shaft. Then Melissa made her decision that her body truly wanted to make. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said…

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“I need more, I need you to take me.”

I sat her next to me on the couch and slid my hand down her inner thigh. The closer to her center I moved, the hotter her skin became. Finding her entrance, I slid my middle finger between her engorged lips. The sounds of wetness her made as I violated her most intimate parts was obscene. Her pussy juices made sloshing sounds on my wet fingers as I moved.

She looked as if she was going to blast off again so I stopped and pulled my fingers out causing her to moan. I had to finally taste her so I stuck my fingers into my mouth licking her pussy juices off then I kissed her. Melissa seemed to have no problem kissing her juices from my tongue so I dipped my fingers into her cunt again getting more juice.

Placing my fingers in front of her face, I watched as she licked them and sucked her juice off. This was my first taste of her pussy and I was definitely going to have to eat her as a meal someday, but for now I was focused on the task at hand, getting Melissa to me.

“Mike, I know what decision I'm making. Will you make love to me. My body is on fire. I've never felt this way before.” Melissa pleaded, “Please I have to have you inside of me!” I knew that she wasn't totally aware but who was I to argue. When you're as aroused as much as Melissa was, your decision making skills are extremely limited.

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“That's music to my ears Melissa but to answer your question, no I will not make love to you.” She had a look of surprise on her face. “Making love is for you and your husband to do when you're together. I am not your husband.”

“Tell me what you really want, Melissa…You know what it is…”

“I…(whispering)Kev…I mean…Mike, Please fuck me. I don't want to on my husband more than I have but I need to know what it feels like when a man really… fucks me.”

“Mmm, very good Melissa. Yes I'll fuck you. You'll know the difference when we're done. Now let's get you undressed completely.” I had her stand so I could help her out of her last remnants of decency. Finally, I tossed her still damp panties to the floor with her bra and the rest of her virtue. She crossed an arm over her breasts and tried to cover the V between her legs as she attempted to hold on to the last sliver of honor.

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