The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“Oh yes, I can feel you getting again. Please give me more, I want more,” she mumbled. I couldn't pass up this opportunity so I begrudgingly pulled out of her milking pussy. “NOOO, put it back!” she demanded.

“You have an incredible pussy Melissa, I have no intention in staying out of it for long. Follow me to my bedroom. We can continue our affair in there.” She slowly followed me to the other room knowing that her pussy was going to get more. As she walked, cum started running out of her pussy and I saw a drop hit the floor.

The couch seemed more distant and less real, this was another man's bed. The word “affair” that I spoke weighed heavily on her. In her worse nightmares she had never imagined going to another man's bed to commit so willingly. She loved Kevin, but this was pure animalistic lust that she yearned for and she knew she had to have it again.

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When she entered my bedroom, she again looked at me, her eyes asking me what I wanted. “Get in my bed, Melissa.” She moved to the bed and laid on her back, automatically spreading her married legs for me. I crawled between her thighs and told her “put it in.”

Keeping eye contact, she slowly wrapped her fingers around my shaft and guided me to her well used, overflowing pussy. Rubbing it between her blood engorged lips, she tried guiding me inside of her, lifting her hips to help. After only a moment, I felt her forcefully pull at my demanding that I enter her. When I didn't penetrate her fully, she wrapped both legs around my hips and grabbed my with both hands forcing me inside of her body. I heard her moan…”yessss”…completing her to the fullest.

Melissa was fully aware but the hemp in her body was still keeping her in a light dream state where her actions didn't seem totally real. My cock started thrusting slowly in and out of her soaked pussy while holding her head so she would look me in the eyes. I wanted her to see who was her, or more specifically who wasn't. We started to each other harder and harder driving my bare, unprotected cock into her depths.

The look of panic would occasionally appear on Melissa's face as she kept fighting the demons within. I didn't bother being gentle. Melissa didn't want a man to make love to her so I was fucking her. I slammed into her body hard and fast, thrusting into her with all my might, occasionally hitting her cervix and getting a moan on each thrust. This time there was no pretense on my part. I was fucking the girl who I had been wanting to seduce for months. I was finally between her thighs and was giving her everything I had.

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After several minutes of missionary I pulled out and turned her with her ass up and her head down. My cock easily split her pussy lips allowing me to penetrate her fully in one thrust. She just kept on moaning and pleading for more.

“Yes, oh my god I love it. Give it to me, please don't stop fucking me!”

Melissa's hips were perfect hand grips allowing me to pull her to me as hard as I wanted. My hand slid over her soft skin until my thumb found her other hidden treasure. I began slipping my thumb into her and almost continued until thinking, “I'll make this a goal for another time along with eating this pussy.”

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