The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“Most girls give head willingly and enjoy it thoroughly. Besides I've never heard a man complain. Especially when you finally shoot your hot cum into my…I mean their mouth.” Gulping down the last of the “” drinks, she continued. “I do love to swallow.” Kim said with a wink. “And the drinks aren't so bad either.”

Kim slid her shoe off and reached for Kevin under the table. When she got between his legs, her foot rubbed his making him almost jump out of his skin. “So Kevin, do you find me attractive? What if I told you that all you had to do was invite me up to your room. I just told you how much I enjoy and it feels like you could use a release. I mean, you do find me attractive, don't you?”

“Oh god. I uh…” Kevin was having a hard time concentrating. “Of course you're attractive, very much so in fact. It's just that…I can't, I'm married. I see you have a wedding ring on also and well…your …”

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“Oh don't worry about him. My husband and I have an understanding. He can seduce whomever he wants and I can do whatever I please with men whom I find attractive. Fact is, he probably has some naive young woman slobbering all over his cock at this very moment. Who knows, you might even know the little slut he's taking advantage of tonight. (If he only knew) He likes going after the young, married ones. What did you say your was doing again Kevin?”

“Um, you sure don't pull any punches do you? Melissa's just not that kind of girl.”

Kim gave him a glaring look. “And what kind of girl is that Kevin? A girl like me? Someone who loves and is willing to go get it? You do realize that a stud and a slut are just promiscuous people right? Just because she's a woman doesn't mean she doesn't have strong urges. I'd bet you real money that her loins burn for variety at times and if she's not getting it from you… Then who?”

Kevin was embarrassed thinking that he insulted Kim but she was glad he said something so she could use it against his naive attitude towards women.

“Melissa right? She hasn't shown any desires that you're denying her? You just told me that you don't let her suck your cock. Poor girl. You really have no way of knowing if your good and proper wife is drooling all over a guy's at this very moment do you? You should be careful what you withhold from her, a woman has a way of getting what she wants no matter what. Sorry if I'm being too blunt… Think about it this way, the harder you push her away, the easier it is for another guy to pull her in, literally.”

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“Tell me Kevin, has your wife changed lately or is she the same girl you married?”

“She's pretty much the same girl thank you.” Kevin's stomach was churning, he was remembering when he brushed off Melissa's advances before he left town, he was just so busy. She was especially amorous the whole week before he left. Fortunately, Kim's foot was distracting him from thinking too much about it. Married or not, he wanted nothing more to take Kim to his room and her, a thought he had never had with another woman before now.

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