The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“No Melissa, I want you to kiss . Show me how YOU kiss him, not the other way around. Show me your passion.” I wanted Melissa to remember that it was she that took the initiative to join her lips with another man's. A kiss is arguably so much more intimate between and wife.

I felt that a 's lips meshing with another man's, who's not her husband, is way more and crosses the marriage line differently than or a . Spouses will sometimes forgive their other half's indiscretion for giving their body away once before they will forgive an old fashion make out session. Sex is only sex they say, but the kiss is never just a kiss, it's a bond.

Melissa looked at me and stared for a moment longer, her mind in a fog trying to decide where she should draw the line between learning how to please her husband and committing . Then, she did it. She kissed me. Her lips were soft and full of lust.

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The moment her lips touched mine I felt her melt in my arms. She then fell into the kiss committing fully to the moment. As Melissa crossed over the tipping point, her tongue pushed into my mouth forcing her way past my lips. Man this woman could kiss! She wasn't the only one getting lost in the heat of passion.

Our tongues intertwined passionately, dancing together for what must have been a good fifteen minutes or more. Tongues pushing and shoving past each other, and sliding together in the throes of intimacy. We were both moaning along with each other as we passionately mated with our mouths. I wondered when the last time she actually kissed her husband like this was. Melissa shared the heat of passion with me that she should only show her own husband, the same husband who was miles away fighting temptations of his own.


The guys had all watched Kim as she entered the bar, just as they watched every female who crossed their paths. Several of the men approached Kim hoping to find his latest conquest. They of course, wanted Kim to fall all over their smooth one liners and obvious innuendos. A few even bought her drinks she didn't want just to see if she would feel obligated to join them, which she didn't. What they were hoping for, was to take Kim up to their room so they could her like the studs that they imagined they were. It's ironic that the only guy that looked as if he wasn't hunting for a score was Kevin.

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Unbeknownst to him, Kevin was the one who was being hunted. Kim was going to offer him a choice that even the strongest man could hardly refuse. He could stay loyal to his wife who was currently in another man's arms contemplating her sexually deprived body's lust vs her own loyalty. Or he could join his wife and allow himself to be seduced into Kim's adulteress trap.

Finally after being shot down by every woman they approached, the hunters searching to tag an unsuspecting vixen got tired of the lack of action and left to find another hunting ground. Fortunately, Kevin stayed behind leaving him unprotected from the huntress.

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