The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“OMG! I can't believe you suggested that!”

“Oh and Melissa, feel free to picture me again when you're masturbating tonight, I'll definitely be thinking of you.”

“Ooh you!! I knew I shouldn't have told you.” We had things to do so we said our goodbyes and left. Not before I gave her a hug that lasted a little longer than a friend's hug should have lasted, I admit. If she was going to masturbate, I wanted to be the one who she masturbated to.

The day finally arrived that Melissa told me about. Kevin was going out-of-town for ten days on business. I decided this was the week I was going to take Melissa into my bed and her like she deserves. I told Kim my plans and she offered any help she could give. She even offered to keep Kevin occupied while I seduced his . Kevin planned on going to the city only 60 miles away leaving his sexually frustrated sexpot at home. I told Kim that it's almost not fair when the woman's own is the one who pushes his wife into my bed.

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Kim said that it would be to go up to check the place out. Wolves don't always wear men's clothing. Sometimes they wear dresses and perfume that arouses even the most loyal of men.

The day Kevin left didn't come fast enough. I wanted to get Melissa alone by causing a small “emergency.” This day was going the day that she puts that banging body to good use. Drugs are rarely, if ever, my first choice when seducing another 's wife. I rarely if ever need them. I certainly won't use anything stronger than a little weed. Something to loosen her up a little to make her more pliable is all I want. Hemp smoke has the habit of allowing a woman to loosen up for a short while before their lust kicks in and takes over. A girl needs to relax. Doing so, makes her mind pliable to her own needs and desires so she allows herself to do what she really wants instead of me convincing her to do what I want. There is a big difference.

Melissa was at work and was staying a little late the night in question. I faked that I had locked my keys in my car to see if I could get her car door open. Calling a tow service, I asked to get help with “my” door when in fact it was Melissa's car. Luckily for me, the mechanic was having a bad day and didn't ask many questions before jimmying the door open. All I needed to do was pop the hood and loosen Melissa's battery cable in her car, hoping that she wasn't car savvy.

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About the time Melissa got off from work, I conveniently showed up and walked her to the disabled vehicle. After she was unable to start the car, I made a call to a friend and acted as if he was a mechanic. After the call, I told her that he wasn't able to get there for about an hour but he would get it going for her as a “favor for a friend.”

Re-connecting the cables without her knowledge, I offered her a ride to my place which was closer so she could be comfortable while she waited. If my plans worked out like I was hoping, the next time Melissa sat in her car, she would be sitting in her panties full of my cum.

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