The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“Want a ?”

“Excuse me?”

“OH! I'm so sorry! I meant the drink.” Kim said acting embarrassed. “A of your buddies thought it would be funny if they bought me a couple of shots called a blowjob. I'm certain they wanted me to drink them both down one after another, and I don't mean the drink.” She said with a wink. “As much as I do love blowjobs, the guys weren't my type. So do you want one?”

“We're still talking about the drink right?”

“If that's what you prefer.”

“No thanks, I'll have to pass… on the drink of course. I'm Kevin, and you are…”

“I'm Kim and I didn't mean to shock you. It's probably not every day that a woman asks to give you a blowjob, drink or otherwise. Actually I'm surprised they didn't buy me a , those are pretty good too. The drinks of course.”

They hit it off right away so after some small talk, they took the drinks and sat down at a table. They chatted and did some harmless flirting, or so Kevin thought, for a good thirty minutes before Kim got a text. When she opened it she gasped. It was a picture of Melissa, Kevin's . She was down on her knees with a shoved half way down her throat. Her left hand was wrapped around her 's shaft near the balls. Melissa's wedding ring glistened from the saliva leaking from her mouth.

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The text read, “She's going to dehydrate me with this mouth, can't wait to get inside her .”

Kim gave a quick response. “You cad! Lol. I'll catch up to you soon, with mine now. Apparently he thinks his wife is pure as snow, if I don't respond later, you'll know why;). Ttyl.”

After the initial shock wore off, she turned the conversation with Kevin towards . Kim had no intention of letting her husband beat her, especially at this game. She reached across the table and played with Kevin's wedding ring while stroking his arm and asked, “Is this why you didn't join your buddies? You're handsome enough to get a woman into bed with you for the night if you wanted to. Or let me guess… your wife is upstairs in your room right now waiting to give you that blowjob that I was offering you? If so, I'm jealous,” Kim said with a shy grin.

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Cough, cough….”Um… WOW you sure know how to put it out there. No, she's at home 60 miles away probably reading a book while curled up with some hot chocolate. Besides I would never let her do such a degrading thing.”

“Degrading? What's so degrading about giving your sex partner pleasure? Sex isn't always about what you want. The best sex is when you do something that makes the other person lose all control. I personally love giving head, there's nothing like the feel of a man's cock growing in my mouth while my tongue swirls around the crown driving him crazy.” If Kim was trying to get a response, it worked. Kevin was squirming in his seat trying to adjust himself without being too obvious.

“I, I…don't know, sorry, I didn't mean to insult you.”

“You didn't. I just enjoy pleasing a man. You're not denying your lil ‘ole wifey something that she wants are you? Tsk, tsk. Shame on you.”

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