The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“Your mouth is going to make me cum in just a few seconds Melissa. Are you ready to have your first taste of a man's cum? That's what a slut would do, take every drop into her mouth and swallow it.” Just as I could speak no more, she sucked harder, as if that was even possible. She then let out a much louder gurgling moan. “Mmmmhmm.” telling me that she was ready.

“Here it comes. Ohhhh yesssssssssssssss, !! Swallow it!! YES, yes, yes that's it, oh my god…” The first shot of cum hit the back of her throat making her gag and making her eyes roll into her head. To Melissa's credit she kept sucking and stroking my using both of her hands, determined to follow through with her desire. The look on her face was incredible. She stroked my cock like a pro while slobbering, sucking and devouring her first meal of man protein she had ever had.

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Melissa seemed delirious as she made obscene sucking sounds with her mouth along with a growl that I had never heard before. A small bit of white showed at the edge of her mouth but as I watched, her tongue soon swept it up and into her mouth again. The rest went down her throat and into her belly. She must have had to swallow three times to get it all and never missed a drop. If she was going to be promiscuous this one time, she was going to do it right.

My own orgasm finally subsided and Melissa's pace slowed considerably. Her eyes were closed but her look was as if she was memorizing and recording every feeling her body was experiencing. She squeezed the last bit of cum out of my cock and rubbed the final drops into her lips before sensually licking it off with her tongue, that alone made me twitch again. When Melissa was finally satisfied that she had taken it all, she started sucking again.

“Melissa,” I said, “damn! If your own doesn't let you be his slut, you can be mine.” She wasn't sure why, but she felt pride well up inside of her on how well she performed her first act. I finally had to nudge her mouth away telling her, “Ok, Melissa that's enough, I'm getting too sensitive. Don't worry, you can have as much of my cock as you want tonight, just give me a few minutes to recover.”

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I thought Melissa would start feeling guilty as soon as she gulped the final drop down. Instead it seemed to spur her on, making her even more curious. Her hand never left my cock and she continued caressing my smooth balls as if she had never held a pair before.

“I've done this quite a few times actually,” Melissa said. “This is the just the it wasn't in my imagination. Oh and yes…The answer to your question earlier,” she whispered. “Yes I imagined your cock while I masturbated.” I thought of what to say but had no words.

After a few more minutes of silence, she noticed my cock filling with blood again. She looked at me as if asking if she could continue. I nodded my head and she put me back inside of her mouth, knowing that we were not done. I hadn't penetrated her yet and there was no doubt she knew what was about to happen.

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