The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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With a big smile and a sly look she said, “Mike, am I to believe that you have with married women?”

“Yes Melissa, I've been known to.”

“Is this what you are trying to do with me? Are you trying to get me into bed with you?” She was grinning ear to ear challenging me to say it, so I did.

I took her hands in mine and said. “Melissa, you have no idea how attractive and you are. You have a luscious that any man would be ecstatic to hold against them. I can't deny that I personally would jump at the chance to have sex with you. I'll tell you a secret. I've had many dirty thoughts about you running through my mind,” I said smiling and giving her a wink. “If I was trying to get any woman into bed with me, especially a married woman, then you my dear Melissa, would be my first choice of wives to bed.”

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I took a big chance confessing that to her and her response was thankfully what I had hoped for. She stared at me for what seemed like minutes before laughing and hitting me in my arm while obviously blushing. She was shifting in her seat and her nipples were becoming more obvious under her shirt and .

“Oh stop…You've been holding out Mike.” She refused to acknowledge what I said about having sex with her but I knew she was processing it subconsciously. “Tell me more about the wives who have thrown themselves at you.”

She was intrigued by my and surprisingly wanted to hear more. She was obviously getting aroused even though I refused to tell her too much, stating that I didn't want to disrespect anyone by kissing and telling but she wouldn't let me off the hook.

“But you did much more than just kissing right?”

“Bottom line is that some women, Melissa married or not, are just looking for some good, no strings sex. They know that I'm not trying to take anyone away from their spouse. I don't want to break up anybody's marriage or have an extended affair. I am even friends with some of the husbands whose I have had sex with.”

“Seriously?! Is that the only reason you are friends with the guys? I mean, so that you can stay close to his wife to get a quickie every once in a while? What are the women missing out on that you give them???”

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“Hold on Melissa,” I said holding my hands up and laughing. She was like a school girl wanting all the dirty details. The last question was the real one she wanted an answer to. I had a feeling that she wanted to find out if she was missing the same thing as other women.

“Some of the wives yes. I admit that I still have sex with them but it's rarely for just a quickie as you say. They want to be satisfied for an hour, not just a few minutes. The euphoria lasts for days after the orgasms fade.” She covered her face with her hands and squealed but I kept going.

“To answer your last question Melissa, the women are missing out on passion. Many of their husbands make love to them and they really do sincerely enjoy the sex, but they need more.”

As if Melissa was trying to comprehend what I was saying she said, “so you really make love to other men's wives?”

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