The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“Fuuuuu…..” Melissa threw her head back and made the loudest and most guttural moan I had ever heard. Who knew she even had such an intensity bottled up inside of her. “I'm cummiiiiiing…OH MYGOOooood…..” Melissa went wild sliding on my shaft feeling every inch as she pushed down hard. I swore her lips were almost completely wrapped around my . I was suddenly sodden wet with her juices as it gushed out of her to soak my cock, stomach and balls. She screamed so loud that I hoped the neighbors were away.

Melissa looked as if she were possessed. Her mouth was open wide but suddenly her voice went silent. Nothing escaped as if she were going through a silent scream. The climax peaked and rocked her body. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head until finally her voice returned. A deep guttural moan came from her lips again, a moan I was certain her had never heard. Minutes passed until her convulsions subsided. Finally, she sounded and looked almost…human.

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Melissa was shocked at what had just happened and didn't know what to do next. “I'm so sorry, I think I peed on you. I'm so embarrassed.” I told her to relax and informed her that she just had her first orgasm.

“That was the hottest and most erotic thing I have ever witnessed Melissa.” She actually had tears streaming down her cheeks from the emotion of her release. “Melissa, that was incredible! You are learning so much. I'm so happy that so many of your first experiences are happening with me.” A woman's “firsts” should of course happen with her husband but Melissa wasn't feeling the shame or guilt as of yet. That will certainly happen later.

“In a minute, I want you to say what kind of girl you are acting like Melissa. Don't admit it just yet, I want you to prove it with one more act of depravity. I know you want to be a this one time and to let yourself do what your body wants instead of your mind.” The look of fear returned to her face once again as she realized what she was about to do. Melissa needed so bad and wanted to hurry up before she lost either her courage or her mind. Still, she didn't want to be the instigator.

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“Please, won't you just me? I need you to take me. Please don't ask me do this to Kevin. I need it so bad but I don't know if I can bare knowing that I was the one who fucked you. How would Kevin ever forgive me?” She felt that if I was the one who took her, she could maybe be exonerated from her act of infidelity, that I took advantage of her instead of her giving herself to me.

“No Melissa, you need this. I'm giving you the chance to take control of your own pleasure. Now… I want you to tell me what kind of girl fucks another man while her husband is out of town. When you say it, I want you to slide your slippery, cunt down my shaft until my cock is buried deep inside your married little pussy. I don't even want to see an inch of my shaft, in fact my balls should be touching the inside of your pussy lips when you're seated properly.”

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