The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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I reached for her and turned her away from me so I could stare at her peach shaped . The sight was almost too much to take but I refrained from just throwing her down and taking her. Instead, I ran my hands up her legs and over her curved hips all the way to her shoulders. Goosebumps rose on her skin as I gently used my finger nails to slide down her back slowly, until I was at her hips again.

Holding her, she moaned as I and ran my tongue over the dimples just above her ass. It was hard but I resisted touching the sweet smelling flower between her legs. I didn't want to stimulate her pussy too much until my cock was about to penetrate her. I could swear that a drop of her juices was about to drip out from her pussy.

“Show me.” I said. She looked at me for a moment with a questioning glance until she understood. Melissa stepped back and timidly dropped her arms showing me the full stature of her now naked body. The body she was giving to me fully. Looking straight through her thigh gap, I could see her glistening skin. Her pussy was definitely dripping female cum and it was making her inner thighs wet. I told her to look into the mirror that was to her side so she could watch herself giving her body to another man.

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“Watch yourself as you straddle my hips. I'm not going to you just yet, Melissa. Don't worry though, I'll be buried inside of you soon enough.” I could barely hear a small involuntary moan come from her lips.

She watched as she slowly took the few steps towards me. She then did what I asked but not before looking down at my hard cock. The cock that would soon be buried inside her boiling, drenched and very pussy. She steadied herself on my shoulders as one leg, then the other straddled my hips.

Looking into her eyes I told her. “There will be no turning back Melissa. Once you slide another man inside of your pussy you can never take it back.” She was seemingly determined as she nodded her head with understanding. I wasn't 100% sure she knew what she was doing but I certainly wasn't going to bring her out of her deep state of arousal.

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Melissa looked at herself knowing but maybe not realizing, that she was about to betray her wedding vows. Her brain was unable to process all of the new emotions that were coursing through her mind. I finally slid a finger into her dripping pussy and swirled it around, man she was tight! I could feel it grip me as she throbbed inside. If she was anything like Kim, her pussy only gets tighter the more aroused she gets.

“Only a would fuck another man while her is away from , Melissa.” I brought her forward to pull her into my mouth, sucking one nipple then the other. She moaned and watched in the mirror as I manipulated her body with my hands.

I licked and felt her supple breasts and squeezed her firm ass, savoring the feeling of young, fresh meat as every touch, every lick made her eroticism go deeper. She had never been so aroused in her life. Every moan was intense as she tried to keep her composure.

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