The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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Treading carefully I told her, “No, Melissa I don't make love to other men's wives.” I took her hands and leaned into her ear so I didn't have to say it too loud. “I other men's wives.” As I said that, her eyes got big as saucers and her mouth dropped slightly open. She took several deep breaths then finally spoke.

“I'm sorry, I still don't understand. Why would anybody do that to their own spouse?” She said quietly with an honest look of confusion. Her neck and ears were flush with arousal so I asked point blank.

“Melissa do you occasionally want a man to ravish your luscious little body? Would you want him to royally fuck the living hell out you like you deserve to be fucked, or would you rather be made love to?” You don't have to answer the question, you've already told me what you want. The question needed to stay unanswered like an itch she couldn't reach.

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I could smell her excitement by now and kept with the subject but changed it to something a bit less intrusive. “Have you ever had on him?”


“Kevin of course silly, who else would you have oral sex with, me?” I said while laughing and trying to lighten the mood.

“Oh yeah, of course,” she said with an uneasy laugh. Apparently, she had just recently learned about giving head and was curious. When she brought it up to Kevin, he told her that he would never degrade her in that fashion. She said it was disappointing that Kevin didn't want to try new things so she dropped it.

“He thinks me putting his penis in my mouth…”

“It's a , Melissa. A penis is too sterile and not very . The first thing you need to do is talk more sexy with Kevin,” I said with a grin.

“Fine, he thinks any woman who takes a… cock into her mouth may as well be a common .”

“Are you kidding me?! Every single man I know would give anything to have your wrapped around his cock, Melissa. I know I would.”

“Oh my god I don't believe you just said that to me!” She was blushing again but couldn't let it go. “I want to do things for him. I just don't know how to please him that way. Kevin is so strait-laced. I don't believe I'm telling you this but I really do have the urge to be… naughty, but I don't know how.”

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“Want to know what men really find sexy in a woman? It's when a woman truly enjoys herself during sex without trying to just please him.” Melissa had to get going but wanted to ask one more question.

“What you said before, about wanting to have sex with me…I mean if I wasn't married of course. Is that true or were you just saying that to tease me? I mean nothing like that would happen of course but it is nice knowing that someone thinks of me…that way.”

“I didn't mean to scare you and I certainly don't want to offend you but yes Melissa, I would love to have your thighs wrapped around my hips with me between them while I push myself inside of you. Oh, and I never said anything about you being married or not.” I could tell that what I said stunned her but fortunately we were already walking out to continue our day.

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