The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“Jeeeezus…!! I never knew that a woman's throat could feel so good.” When 's orgasm finally subsided, his mind finally cleared and became more coherent to what was happening.

Kevin had just received an incredible for the in his life and the woman on her knees in front of him seemed to enjoy it almost as much as he did. Then a startling realization came back to him about Melissa and her appetite as of late. He wondered if she had in fact been trying to get his attention and wondered who if anyone had been flirting with her.

Kevin got a sick feeling when thinking that maybe he did brush his off once too often. His hope was that he didn't send her off into another man's arms. His feelings of sexual curiosity soon started to return as his thoughts again turned to this mystery woman who had just swallowed his soul.

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“Kim, that was incredible! I never thought that a woman's mouth could do that. I've never done that before.” Kevin started to pull his pants up so he could leave. “Where are you going stud? This is your room remember?” Kim said with a giggle.

“If you would rather be alone, I'll put my clothes back on and leave. I'm sure you're right about your wife, Kevin. She's probably home reading a book, all alone, wrapped in a nice comfy blanket. Your sweet, innocent angel is probably too prim and proper to have her legs wrapped around another man as he slides his inside of her. Now the way I see it is, you can stew about what may or may not be getting inside your wife tonight, or…”

Kevin was thinking about his wife so much that he didn't notice that Kim's shirt was on the floor and she was now slipping her skirt down her hips. “So what do you think Kevin?” As she stood before him completely naked. “Do my clothes look better on me? Or would you rather they stay on your floor?”

Kim took Kevin's hand and lead him as if he was hypnotized. “Let's take a together so you can recuperate, that was quite the load you gave me. After we get clean, we can get dirty all over again.”

Kevin and Kim took a long, hot shower together. They made out like teenagers while touching each others bodies. Kim stroked his cock and guided his fingers inside of her pussy, showing him how she liked to be fingered. When Kim sucked Kevin's cock some more, it made him wonder why he would ever push Melissa away. After getting Kevin to the brink again, she paused for a few minutes to let him calm down. She then turned her to present herself to Kevin's cock.

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“I'll swallow another load later if you like. Right now I want you to show me how you your wife. I'll even let you pretend you're fucking your sweet girl while you pound me if you like. Or you can pretend you're the stranger who's cock is probably buried inside of her virginal pussy right now.” Kim was giving Kevin a devilish, knowing grin while wiggling her ass against Kevin's cock. Kim's comment hit him right in the gut but he was too focused on taking what he wanted to let his jealousy at what might be take over.

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