The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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Gradually, I lowered her blouse off of her shoulders, slowly maneuvering her arms out of the sleeves until her blouse was off and between our bodies. Unfortunately this action made her lose contact with my , but a big line had been crossed.

“I can't, it's so naughty, I'm not supposed to be doing this.” Still she let me continue.

Gently I reached inside of her bra feeling the incredible softness of her succulent . My fingers found her sensitive nipples making her suddenly jump and moan, probably from the realization that another man was skin to skin with an erogenous part of her . Melissa stopped talking, not knowing what to say and just let me take her.

I undid her bra and slowly removed it, tossing it to the floor. I was only the second man ever to see the perfection of her youthful breasts in the flesh. Her were firm with pink aureoles capped with erect, hard as diamond nipples.

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I gently pulled, tweaked and massaged her swollen, pink nipples making her eyes roll into the back of her head. She pushed her chest out while squirming in her seat, no doubt thoroughly moistening between her legs for her inevitable taking. After a few minutes of manipulating her breasts, I told her.

“Take what you want, use me any way you need, your isn't here to help with your needs and I will never tell him. You've been wanting to give your husband a and he hasn't let you. I'll let you practice on me, Melissa.”

Several seconds passed as she contemplated on what was going on and what I said. Her body was being uncovered and exposed to another man. The same man who was telling her to cheat on her husband with her mouth. Then, as if she could resist no more, Melissa turned her body and slithered to the floor onto her knees.

She reached for the waist of my shorts and pulled them down along with my boxers until they were at my ankles, I removed one foot so I could allow room for Melissa. I made sure she was the one doing most of the work so she would remember being the one undressing me. Lust had taken hold firmly and nothing was going to stop her now.

My shaft shot up from my shorts brazenly slapping her in the chin. Now it was my turn to be stunned. Melissa felt my cock slap her and instead of backing up she moved forward. Without touching me with her hands, she rubbed her cheeks, chin, forehead and lips on my shaft as if rubbing her face on a soft blanket. Her eyes were barely open as she finally wrapped her small fingers around her desire. Melissa continued to rub the head along her face as if worshiping her first extramarital cock. She then paid close attention to my smooth and fully loaded, cum filled balls.

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“I shouldn't be here, doing this,” she said, but again did nothing to stop herself. “Ever since you mentioned how much a man enjoys a woman's mouth I've been wanting to do this to him. Please forgive me.”

“Now is your chance to do what you have been craving to do Melissa. Take me into your mouth and show me what you want to do with your husband. Consider it practice before trying it out on him again. 't worry, I have a feeling he will be more accepting next time you want to please him.”

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