The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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“Tell you what Kevin, my foot is sensing that you want to take me up to your room. I'll show you what you are missing. After I'm done with you, you'll be begging for her to suck you off. She'll have no idea that you learned about it from another woman.”

“On the other hand if she is sucking another man's , without your knowledge, then she probably already knows how to do it and is wanting to do it for you. But hey, if you insist that you're saving her innocence by pushing her away that's your prerogative. Just don't push too hard, she may land on another man's dick. A woman's hormones usually find a way to get what they want.”

“By the way, you say you've never let your Melissa suck your cock. Does that also mean that you've never tasted that sweet pussy? Oh my, my.” Kevin started to say something but stopped, obviously not wanting to dig himself any deeper. “You really are missing out. C'mon take me upstairs. By the way, how long have you been married?”

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“Just over eleven months,” Kevin said. Kim jumped out of the booth grabbing Kevin's arm. “Oooh a virgin, we're going to have some fun tonight.” Kevin had nearly forgotten that he had sent Melissa a text thirty minutes ago and had not received and answer yet. She usually gets back right away. He had figured (hoped) that she just went to bed early, but now his mind was reeling with other thoughts.

Kim gave Kevin the works. Both were still dressed with Kevin's pants on the floor. One foot was still inside a pant leg along with his shoe. Kim was eager to show Kevin what it was like to get a real . Sucking his cock slowly, making sure to touch every nerve. She licked his balls and suckled them into her mouth making him moan with more pleasure than he ever remembered having without being inside of his wife's pussy. Kevin tried to warn her a few times that he was going to cum but she just told him to relax and let it happen.

“Don't you dare pull out, I want it all in my belly.” Kim stroked his cock and massaged his balls as she rubbed Kevin's cock head around her lips and face. “Besides, I don't want to swallow it for you, I'm doing it for me.” Kim stopped for a moment to take a hair band from her wrist. She then took her hair and made it into a ponytail to keep it out of her face for when Kevin blew his load. Kim took his cock back into her mouth and seriously sucked Kevin's cock forcing him to shoot into her mouth only a minute later.

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Kevin couldn't comprehend why a woman would want to taste his semen but the feeling Kim was giving him was just too good to resist. When the first surge came, Kevin thought his insides were coming out with his sperm. He had never felt a more intense orgasm in his life.

Kim felt the first rope of cum hit her in the back of her throat and had to swallow several times to keep Kevin's seed from spilling out from her mouth. Rope after rope shot down Kim's throat sending Kevin to places he had never been before. Blood rushed to his head as he almost passed out from the experience.

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