Hindu Boy fucks and married a Muslim Girl

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Hi, my name is amira. I was raised as a Sunni Muslim Girl. I am very slim and white. In a little rural area but when I finished school my parents told me to Marry my cousin but I reject him because I want to become a software engineer and be an independent woman. so I joined the college and make many friends but I maintain distance from Muslim boys because they criticize my dressing sense and I hate that. but I have a Muslim friend Abbas. he respects me and my decisions. so one day me and abbas we both just talking about Hinduism. he said that religion is false and Islam is the only true religion and agree with him because I’m also a Muslim. but I was very curious about Hinduism because I go to the mosque it is very normal and I go to churches too because my friend is catholic Christian so she takes me to churches and I know about that religion but it’s senseless. but I don’t know anything about Hinduism because my Hindu friends don’t talk about their religion. After all, they feel like they are forcing me to believe it.

and then I finished the first year of my college. and step into the second year and I met a junior boy Rahul but he was one month elder than me.
he was muscular, chill, so friendly, religious and he was very handsome.

and when I first met him I crush on him. then we both just go to dinner and anywhere we want sometimes we go to the theatre, park, etc…
but he loves me and I love him too but we never express our love to each other. then one day I and abbas both decided to have sex we both are virgins so yeah I was ready. then we both booked an Oyo room and buy a condom. we both just talk about our first masturbation, first porn video watching, etc… and then he showed an amazing porn video and I love to watch it, and then he said to me to get ready I agreed and he hugged and kissed me. it was a little weird because he had so much beard and he touched my body removed my hijab and then he licks my nipple wow it was a great feeling and then he showed me his monster circumcised 7-inch dick and he told me to suck it but I feel little afraid but I did it. it was nice.

Then he licked my pussy I shaved my pussy and it was white like my skin color. he licked so well and I love it and then he inserted and it feels like heaven then he fucked me in doggy style for just 10 mins then he cum and he said me to lick it and I did it it was so delicious but I’m not satisfied and then we take rest and then we both do it again and then we both just tried some positions and it was gone well and finally, I had my orgasm but after a very long time.

Then we both go to each other house. and our sex life begins and then we both have a lot of times. and then one day I had a little accident and was admitted to hospital then the first person who comes to see is Rahul he cried after seeing me in the bed like that. and then abbas come and then he said he prey for me and then he goes to his college but Rahul stay with me he didn’t even go to the college and we informed my family they worry about me but Rahul convince them I was fine and then we both just talked about our life, ambitions, etc… he bought food for me and paid the bill in hospital for me. I like him he was talking so cool and he was so handsome and he was so good man. then during the day of my discharge, I proposed to him and he agreed with tears and a smile. I asked him why he is crying he replied he was waiting for that proposal for months. but I am afraid because he was a Hindu and I was a Muslim. then I said about my love to abbas and he congrats me. and one of my friends is a Muslim girl she said I’m going to face a lot of problems in the future because my boyfriend is a kaffir(Idol worshipper) and also she said that if he converts to Islam then my family can accept him. and then I asked him to convert to Islam but he little angrily replied me “why are you taking the religion in love?” it hit me hard. then I stopped to have to sex with abbas and abbas also understood my feelings. then I said my sex life with abbas to Rahul and he didn’t care much and said past is past its impressed me a lot.

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