The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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My goal was to make her feel even more at ease talking to another man. Especially about taboo subjects without her husband's knowledge.

The more time together we spent, the more she trusted me. She would tell me about how often her husband, Kevin would travel. After a while it seemed as if he had little time for his newly wedded . It's amazing what another woman will tell you when they feel that you are not a threat. Warning to the men reading this. If you're not listening to her, someone else is.

Little did Kevin know that his sweet, innocent wife was confiding in another man who had impure thoughts surging through his mind about his lovely wife. With my encouragement, she started confiding in me, telling me some of her more intimate secrets. Many topics were about her life and how she was not getting the sex she had hoped for when they married. You can't just like rabbits right out of the honeymoon guys and then leave your sex hungry wife for a week at a time. Her hormones may eventually start to fend for themselves and find new avenues for relief.

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A woman's urges are sometimes so strong that she may find herself falling into the arms of another man to satisfy her yearnings. Many times she doesn't even notice anything is happening until she wakes up and realizes that she isn't in her own bed and the man beside her isn't her husband. By then she's already been soiled.

From what Melissa was telling me, she had a sex drive that was burning a hole into her panties and she needed to explore her curiosities. Kim would always know when Melissa and I would have our sexual conversations because I would ravage her when I got home. “What's wrong Mike, Melissa turn you on today? When are you going to sink this big between her married legs?”

I found out that Melissa was practically a virgin when she married, being deflowered when she was 18 by her now husband. They still didn't have much sex before they married. When they finally did take their vows, the sex was good but not as good as she expected.

They were brought up believing that people should save themselves for when they exchanged rings. Therefore, their sexual knowledge and experience was limited. Sex was so…”clean” she would say. “I expected sex to be more dirty I guess,” Melissa said with a blush.

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Melissa's luscious, body needed to be in my arms my name while I shoved my cock deep into her wet, clenching . I didn't want to keep her for my own, just borrow. I would never force a woman but Melissa was going to need a little extra motivation. Everything that she was going to do would have to be her choice. I was there to steer those choices in the direction where I wanted them to go.

Finally, during one of our lunches, she gave me the opening that I needed. Melissa asked me how to be a better wife and lover to her husband and how to gain more of his attention. I had told her that I had been very sexually active and had several . I even took a chance by telling her that I had a few sexual relations with some married women.

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