The Seduction of a Loyal Wife and Husband

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I surprised myself by not exploding as soon as I saw her sticking up before me. It was a sight of near perfection and the main source of my obsession in mounting this vixen. “Kevin my boy,” I thought, “you are one hell of a lucky man. I hope you don't mind me borrowing this on occasion.”

My balls began to boil and I was starting to lose control. I turned her over one more time so I could finish with a grand finale. When I pulled out to turn her she gasped and moaned “No, please…” Lying on her back, Melissa bent easily as I pushed both of her legs into her chest. Her feet landed around my neck perfectly so I could hold her in place. I then penetrated her for the final lap. The only thing moving was my hips as they thrust forward into her depths. The bed helped out also by throwing her back onto my .

Surprisingly I didn't last as long as I usually would. Her by now was so incredibly tight that she was almost pushing me out on every thrust. There was no way I could stop myself from unloading everything I had inside of her. Melissa read the signals of what was about to happen when suddenly her eyes grew large and her mouth dropped as she had one final moment of total and complete clarity.

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“No, please don't!” she shouted, just as I shot my load and ground my cock into her , pussy as deep as I could. The sperm violently slammed into her successfully soiling Melissa's marriage vows and triggering a final that shook her to the core. I kept my cock lodged deep inside of her as I rode out her contractions until she finally came down. Right before passing out asleep, she blurted out one last concern.

“You're not my husband!!!…”

The insides of Melissa's walls were thoroughly saturated with ejaculate clear up to her uterus, My DNA already permeating the walls of her used and soiled pussy. Finally, after several minutes of reeling in the feel of her pussy muscles as they squeezed the final drops from me, my cock slipped out. Some but not all of my seed was pushed out of her cunt from the tightness of her vaginal muscles. Grabbing my cell phone, I sent Kim a video of my deposit leaking from Melissa's pussy as it soaked the sheets. I didn't get a response from Kim until much later, telling me that she was having fun herself.

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When Melissa woke not long after, I had already put her panties on so they could trap the remaining inside of her body. The rest had leaked out down her ass and onto my bed. I called a buddy to give me a ride from her place so I could drive her home in her own car since she was in no condition to drive.

The drive to her house was very quiet as she contemplated on what had just happened. Melissa didn't know what to think. All she knew was that her nipples were still hard from arousal. Her pussy was still throbbing from the fucking that she just had with a man who wasn't her beloved husband. She could still feel my cock embedded deep inside of her. It didn't help that she could still feel the cum saturating her panties as it leaked from her pussy.

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