Wife fucks her ex while husband watches

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Spring had sprung and Jolene and I needed to step out for a night of fun, deciding to go to a jazz club about a 20-minute drive from our home. I slipped into a nice pair of slacks, some loafers and a neatly pressed long sleeve shirt, I was feeling pretty good about myself as I left Jolene still deciding what to wear. My wife had just finished her make-up and was standing in her closet going through her clothes. I stopped at the doorway to take in her long tanned legs, fine firm ass and very supple tits, my cock began stirring as she told me to go away and let her dress in peace!! I reached for her chest as she pushed the door closed telling me I was a dirty old man!! I responded that was why I married a pretty young slut!!! As I turned the corner I thought I heard a shoe hit the door! Man I love my wife!!

I was sitting in the family room surfing cable when my wife entered through the kitchen. I just about knocked my beer off the coffee table as I sat up to take in the sexiest woman I know. Pretty red toenails were exposed under her strapped sandals that were clinging to her little feet. Moving up her calves to above her thighs I saw Jolene was standing before me in a short black flouncey mini skirt that revealed most of her tanned thighs and barely covered her firm round ass cheeks as she turned slowly around in front of me. Stopping to put her hands on her hips I admired the long sleeved white shirt that draped from her body, one of mine that she liked to wear. The white shirt is not quite transparent, is very soft and looks great on her fine body. The lower three buttons were buttoned leaving the upper four open, just about revealing her large breasts that were held in place by a white lace shelf bra, her hard nipples pressing against the shirt above the bra. As my wife bent down to turn off the remote to the TV I had a very nice view of her hard nipples as the shirt fell open. I had a feeling this was going to be a great night.

As I helped my wife into the car I noticed a small light pink thong covered her neatly shaved pussy as her legs parted and she swung into the passenger seat. Her skirt rode up on her thighs just about revealing her panties to anyone who could see into the car. As we drove cross-town to the jazz club my hand slid up and down my wife’s thighs and lingered occasionally on her panty-covered pussy. I could feel my wife’s pussy getting hot as my fingers rubbed over her neatly trimmed bush through the thin material. Jolene turned and lifted one leg onto the seat allowing me to slip a finger under her panties and into her slick pussy. Leaning against the door my wife opened her blouse and began tugging on her nipples as I finger fucked her while trying to pay attention to the road. Pulling off the highway I stopped at a signal light and really worked her pussy watching as my wife came against my finger. Hearing a horn behind me I came back to reality and made a right turn waving my cum covered fingers to the car behind me in thanks. It was just a short distance to the jazz club and by the time we arrived at the valet parking Jolene had buttoned her shirt back together and turned in her seat to check her lipstick in the mirror. The odor of sex was definitely in the car as we pulled up to the valet parking area.

The young valet met our car at the curb and quickly opened the passenger door taking in the site of Jolene’s long legs as she swung them one at a time from her seat. By the look on his face it was obvious he was focused on my wife’s pussy. I could only guess he was also treated to a nice view of her tits as she stood up while holding his hand. Taking my wife by the hand we entered the jazz club finding it not too crowded with several tables still available. We found a table about two rows from the large dance floor and settled in, sitting next to each other facing the band. Looking around the room I noticed several men taking in Jolene sitting with her legs crossed next to me. The waitress stepped up and took our drink orders as the band began tuning up. The lights dimmed slightly, the candle on the table casting a glow on my wife’s white shirt, her nipples now as hard as rocks in the cool air of the club. As the band began it’s first set with a slow number I took my wife by the hand and headed to floor with a few other couples. We danced a couple of songs and returned to our table to finish our drinks. Over the next couple of hours we danced and sat and danced some more, really enjoying the music and the club. As we were headed back to our table after a set we heard someone call Jolene’s name through the dispersing crowd.

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