Donna moves in with Jack and becomes infatuated with Priya – Part 12

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Donna said, “Where should I be? In the middle? On your other side?”

I thought about it a moment assessing what Priya’s reaction would be to Donna’s presence. “I’ll be where she expects me to be and then you can join in whenever you think its right. Priya will be shocked by your presence, but I’m sure you can ‘sesuade’ her. She giggled at my joining of the two words ‘seduce’ and ‘persuade’.


Donna sat up to get into position on my left side, away from the living room door. She threw her right leg across my hips again and giggled as she dragged my glans through her sex and shuddered as it dragged over her clitoris. She continued over me and cuddled up close. There was no way to be sure when, or even if, Priya would appear.

Donna rolled away from me and propped my e-reader against the digital clock to block the illumination. She didn’t want Priya to see her too soon. She rolled back and cuddled up and kissed me good-night. I had positioned myself in the middle of the king size bed to make room for both of them.

In spite of the anticipation, I fell asleep. I don’t know for how long though. I was awakened by a tapping on my left shoulder. As I came to consciousness, Donna whispered, “The slider just opened.” I heard it slide shut as Donna gripped my cock and started jerking me off to get me hard for Priya. It didn’t take but a second or two before I was tenting the covers. Donna wanted to see Priya coming in but there was no illumination at all. She ducked under the covers and continued jerking on my hard cock. I had to push her hands off.

I felt movement on the edge of the bed and then the bed sagged from a new weight. I suddenly had a thought, ‘What if this is Divi and not Priya.’ My cock surged even harder at the prospect. Donna pulled her face to my bicep and peaked out. It was too dark to see anything. I was tingling with anticipation. I knew Donna was too. I felt a presence beside me and then a hand touched my shoulder and at the same time lips touched mine. I felt the covers lift and someone moved under them and moved down my body. I kissed the lips on mine and felt a hand moving down my chest to my stomach. With the hand still on my stomach I felt a hand grip my hard cock and lips pushed on. My sleep fogged brain processed the conflicting information of lips on mine and lips on my cock at the same time.

I hadn’t even considered the reality. Both Priya and Divi were in my bed on one side and Donna was on my other anxiously waiting to reveal her presence. Donna could obviously hear the lips kissing and then she must have heard the “AAAWWKK AWWWKK and the slurping of a mouth on my cock at the same time.

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