Donna moves in with Jack and becomes infatuated with Priya – Part 12

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We continued to hump on each other for a while after our bodies stopped throbbing from our orgasms. Finally, she looked up at me and said, “Jesus, Jack. I thought I was gonna die. That was so intense.” I bent low and we kissed. Then I rolled off her, pulling my spent cock from her and she groaned again.

We showered together and got dressed. She dressed casually but elegantly. She and Sylvia were driving to the city to her appointment to look at Wedding dresses. They were to meet my mother and sister at the store. It was another beautiful, warm day and Donna dropped the top on her BMW and after a passionate kiss from me, she drove off waving over her shoulder. I watched her go until I couldn’t see or hear her car and then dropped myself into my zero-gravity chair and turned on my e-reader. The weather was warm but not hot. I had no urge to remove my tee shirt.


I heard Eddie’s car drive in a half hour later. He was looking haggard and I teased him that I always thought Sylvia was a Succubus and she was sucking the life and soul from him. He laughed and said, “I can’t think of a better way to go.” I had to agree with him. Sylvia had skills.

Eddie retrieved a couple beers from the refrigerator and brought one to me. We opened them and clinked the bottle together in an unspoken toast and each took a long pull. Eddie said, “Can you take me over to Frank and Rita’s house on your boat? I need to finalize the lease for the winter and get the key.”

“Take the kayak,” I said.

He thought about it and said, “If I only have a little bit of life left in me, I’d rather give it to Sylvia than die out on the lake in your kayak.” He smiled and we laughed.

I pulled up to Rita’s dock and tied up. I stayed on the boat drinking another beer while Eddie ran up the stairs to their deck. Rita invited him in and stepped to the railing and waved for me to come up too. I waved her off and stayed put. I knew where our visit was going to go if I went up. She had talked repeatedly about a three-on-one with Rita taking a cock in all of her holes at once. If Donna was here and sanctioned it, I would be all in. As I came to understand Donna more, she would probably want seconds.

As it was, Eddie took forever before he backed out onto the deck with Rita hanging on to his pants. He was trying to zip them up and she was trying to unzip. She appeared at the railing and shook her naked tits at me. She reached down to her sex and was probably spreading her labia at me but I couldn’t see between the two by four balusters. Eddie hurried down the stairs adjusting his dick in his pants. I started the motor and waved to Rita as Eddie untied the boat and pushed us away. Eddie was breathing hard as she said, “Fuck Jack. If anyone is a Succubus, its Rita. She had me on the floor fucking me reverse cowgirl while she sucked Frank’s cock. She’s insatiable. She wanted you in her ass.” I laughed. Eddie still didn’t know that Rita was my first cousin. I was sure he’d find out at the wedding.

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