Donna moves in with Jack and becomes infatuated with Priya – Part 12

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Before we even got out of her driveway she relented to her sexual needs and pushed her torso up on the center console and yanked my zipper down and drove her lips down my erect shaft. I was surprised by her attack and immediately let out a loud groan, “Oh Jesus, Donna. You’ll kill us both.” She giggled around my cock and started furiously bobbing her head up and down my cock. Her knees were in her seat with her ass in the air. She had already unzipped them but they were so tight she couldn’t get her hand inside to sate her need. Her hand pulled out of her crotch and flew to my cock and it joined her bobbing head. I groaned from her attack.

I alternated my attention from the road to her furiously bobbing head. A car, coming the other way turned out to be a Police car and tried hard to appear nonchalant, but as we passed, he looked over at me and his shocked eyes gave him away. I guess the heading bobbing up and down in my lap gave us away. When I saw the blue lights come on and he did a u-turn right in the road, I said, “Um, Donna? We’re about to be pulled over by a local cop.” Donna’s head popped off the end of my cock as she came up to look behind us.


She scrambled back into her seat muttering, “Shit. Shit. Shit.” She was frantically trying to get her zipper back up. With one hand required for the steering wheel, I didn’t stand a chance of getting my granite hard cock back in my pants so as I eased over to the side of the road with the Police car right on my bumper, I reached around to the backseat to find a piece of Donna’s clothing to hide my erection under. I just grabbed the first thing I could find and shoved it in my lap as I looked in the sideview mirror. The cop was already out of his car and coming down the side of mine. I gathered myself and reached into my rear pocket for my wallet, which contained my driver’s license.

The cop came to a stop at my driver’s side rear door. I knew cops were trained that way so they wouldn’t get shot if they just walked up to the driver’s window. He bent down and looked in my window. I had my hands on the steering wheel to make him feel more secure. He looked at me and then at my passenger and said, “Hello Donna. Nice to see you. I missed you at the diner this morning.”

Donna bent forward and looked at the cop. “Hi Ron. Nice to see you too.” Both of her hands were in her lap as she had been unable to get her jeans zipped up. The cop scanned the interior of my car as I guess they are trained to do. His scan stopped as he looked down at my lap. He burst out laughing and I looked down to see what was so funny. I just about died when I saw that the clothing item, I had grabbed off the back seat to cover my erect cock was one of Donna’s bras and my cock was sticking up between the two cups. Donna looked where I was looking and she groaned and muttered, “Oh shit,” as she pushed her head back against the headrest.

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