Donna moves in with Jack and becomes infatuated with Priya – Part 12

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Donna only took a few cycles up and down my shaft before she guided it back to Divi’s pussy, displacing her fingers. Divi’s fingers then wrapped over my balls and exposed shaft to prevent it from coming out again. Divi had proclaimed that she was close and so was I, so I ramped up the pace and moments later, Divi clutched my tightening balls and yelled out, “Oh God, Yes. I’m cumming. Cum with me.”

As the pressure built, I began a long, extended groan, “YYUUNNNNGGGAAAHHHH,” and Divi’s body went spastic and I had to hold her with my arms across her chest. She was screaming as her hips flew everywhere. She came off my spurting cock and cum flew high in the air and landed on her tits and face and I kept right on cumming. Salvo after salvo arched through the air. I thought I’d never stop. She was covered from hairline to pubic hair with cum. My arms, that had been holding her in place, were covered. As the shots got less powerful, Donna pushed my pulsing cock into her mouth and took the rest and then swallowed. She drilled her tongue into the eye and slurped her tongue around my shaft to clean it off and then she popped her lips off as she giggled.


I looked down along Divi’s still pulsing body to see Donna grinning at me. Then, suddenly, her grin disappeared as I saw Priya pushing her face into Donna’s sex. Donna went straight to her back and started groaning from Priya’s attack. Divi’s body slowed and she sat up to watch her mother and Donna. She was rolling her fingertips through her sex and then she rolled off my body and immediately pushed her lips to Priya’s pussy. Priya groaned into Donna’s pussy. I got out of the way.

As if moving my body created a vacuum, Donna moved into my space and pulled Divi’s pussy to her lips. I was watching a three-way lesbian daisy-chain and it was fucking hot. It didn’t take long before I was up again and I slowly jerked myself off. All three of them were in constant moans like I hadn’t heard other than on porno movies. That thought brought me back to the fact that there was a camera in the ceiling fan recording all of this for Jacob’s enjoyment. Donna either forgot or didn’t care. Neither Divi or Priya were aware of the cameras in her house or here.

Donna’s hand moved out of Divi’s sex and grabbed my hard cock displacing my hand. She was gasping for air as she pulled back from Divi and made a space for me to join in the daisy-chain. She pulled me in and clamped her lips on my cock as I pushed my lips to Divi’s sex and drilled my tongue into her tight pussy. The groans got louder.

As each of us burst into another orgasm, the daisy-chain disintegrated and we were just lying there gasping for air. My chest was heaving up and down as I lay sprawled on my back. Donna had enough energy to push herself up beside me with her head on my hip. My flaccid cock laid only an inch or two from Donna’s lips. Priya and Divi had pulled themselves up beside each other too, but their faces were in the other’s crotch. Our positions were conducive to beginning again as soon as we had recovered. I had no idea what time it was with the digital clock face obscured by my e-reader. I didn’t really care.

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