Donna moves in with Jack and becomes infatuated with Priya – Part 12

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Priya pulled back from Donna’s lips and excitedly said, “Let’s all get in a row and let him cum on us.” Donna grinned and was already moving up beside me. Priya did the same on the other side and Divi continued her blow job by burying my cock in her throat for as long as she could while she came around between my thighs.

I gritted my teeth trying to hold back and groaned out, “Fuck Divi. You’d better get down there because I’m gonna blow.” She reluctantly pulled her face back from me and let my glans slip from her lips. She took my place as I stood up and while the three of them all pushed themselves together in front of me and I started jerking off as fast as I could and then I felt that amazing release as cum boiled out of the balls. I stood back far enough so I could arch each shot high above them so it would come down on their faces and then down their bodies as each shot had less power behind it. I grunted hard with each shot and Priya, Divi and Donna all began screeching and trying to catch my cum as it dropped. My hand was a blur on my shaft and I covered all three of them with cum. As the shots diminished, I stepped closer to them until the final few shots just drooled out of me and into Divi’s mouth as she sat up and pushed her lips over my glans to collect it.


Priya and Donna got laughing and claimed that Divi had cheated as they were scooping cum from each other and shoving their fingers in their mouths. Divi wanted some off of Donna’s tits but Priya stopped her and said she’d already got hers and they all burst out laughing again. Priya moved over Divi and began sucking cum directly from Donna’s tits and face. Divi took the opportunity and lifted her head to collect cum dripping off Priya’s hanging nipples.

Donna objected to Divi’s actions and she pulled Priya over Divi on top of her and they locked lips and kissed passionately as Divi and I looked on. They were so erotic that my cock was already hardening again. I knew my balls were done for a while so I hid my burgeoning erection under my hands as Donna and Priya broke their embrace and went back to work cleaning cum off the other’s face and hair.

I stepped down to the floor and pulled the e-reader away from the digital clock. It read, 4:39 AM. I don’t know how long we had been at it but I was exhausted. Apparently, they weren’t as Divi pushed her lips to Donna’s pussy and Priya did the same to Divi’s pussy. Donna closed the chain as she pushed her lips to Priya’s pussy. I stood beside the bed and watched. The display of their passion wasn’t helping my aching balls any. I found a sliver of the bed that was unoccupied and I crawled in on my back and looked up at the ceiling fan thinking, “Holy shit Jacob. I sure hope you aren’t selling these videos you’re recording.” Then I decided that tomorrow I would find his camera and remove it. I listened to the moans and groans and slurping sounds until I fell asleep.

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