Donna moves in with Jack and becomes infatuated with Priya – Part 12

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I had my mother and sister, Janet and Anna’s sisters and niece Angela. I wouldn’t even bother inviting Anna’s parents. They would probably burn the invitation and send the ashes back to me with a note that read, ‘Eat shit and die’. Eddie would be invited of course and cousins Frank and Rita and Jimmy and Rachel. There were a few other friends around the lake like Jacob and Miranda, the Marina owner. I’d leave it up to Jacob to invite a plus-one but I hoped it would be Ashley even though they had apparently broken up. Priya agreed to be a bridesmaid. Divi was certainly invited if she could get away from college. I agreed to pay for her airline ticket if she could. I smiled to myself when I realized that I’d had recent sex with all of the women on my invite list.

Eddie would be my best man and Sylvia would be Donna’s maid of honor. The plans were made and Donna started working the details for the church and the function hall. Catering, flowers, wedding cake and dress were on her list. She spent many days at her home working with Sylvia. Sylvia was as excited about it all, as Donna was. All I had to do was the Tuxedos. Everything would be handled locally except for the wedding dress and she made plans to go to the city for that. She invited Sylvia to assist in the process.


I called my mother that afternoon and told her the news. She started crying and I waited for Janet to take the phone from her so I could continue the call. Janet was as excited as anyone. She said that she didn’t even think I was looking. I confessed that I wasn’t. It all just happened. Donna was all grins as I talked to Janet and she motioned for me to give her the phone. I heard Janet scream over the phone when Donna said, “Hello.” Donna was animated as she and Janet talked for a long time. I hate talking on the phone so I was glad I was off the hook, so to speak. Donna invited Janet and my mom to join her and Sylvia to shop for a dress and I heard Janet scream with excitement again.

Things had to move fast if we wanted to meet our accelerated schedule. She picked the next Thursday as that was her day off at the Inn. Our weekly date night was passé already.

We enjoyed our night alone even though we both agreed that the night with Divi and Priya was incredible. We made a point to see Divi and Priya off as Priya had rented a van to drive all of Divi’s stuff to the college. They were already packed when we arrived. They had a ten-hour drive ahead of them and I knew neither of them was looking forward to it. There were some long faces as they drove off. I was glad it wasn’t me. Priya was going to stay there for a few days to get Divi settled and then she’d leave the van there and fly home. We were insistent that we’d pick her up at the airport, which was a ninety-minute drive away. She thought it was too big an imposition and argued about it until Donna whispered something in her ear, which prompted a broad grin and the issue was settled.

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